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Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by jeepman1, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. I have a ton of misc parts here from 94-98 Mustangs.... body...interior... wiring... lights.... post with needs and see whats left!!
  2. was wondering what color interior you had? plus i need a trunk lid.. restoring my 98 so i can use almost anything
  3. also looking for a wiring set up for fog lights
  4. all depends... also picking up 2 more cars Sunday it looks like both 94 5.0 cars

    I have one trunk left as of now... what interior parts u need?? color??

    440 476 4114
  5. black interior... converting my old interior from grey to black so almost everything..except the dash
  6. exerior of the car is black as well
  7. I am supposed to get a car with black interior Sunday...
  8. just keep me posted...
  9. Got a 96-98 hood in terrific condition? Also black door panels, cobra cloth drivers side seat, good condition shift knob (mt), shifter boot and surround (black mt) Working Trunk shocks? Send pics to [email protected] if you have any of these thanks!
  10. I am buying 2 project cars tomorrow, should have a good hood, one is black interior... I will have mosty if not all of it tomorrow... let me se...
  11. just let me know a price you are looking for the entire interior including front and rear seats..
  12. how did you make out on those 2 project cars you were supposed to get?
  13. looking for driver and passanger airbags if possible and will it fit 01'?
  14. Sorry, had a rough week, got em both, what did you need again??
  15. Only have a driver side for 99-04, tan 150.00+ shipping
  16. looking for prices on rear lower quarter panels (black), carpet (black), interior door pieces both sides (black), the two bottom that go on the frame under the door(black). The front lower quarter panels on both sides (black), the piece under the steering wheel (black) the glove box, and air bag cover (black) center council (black) and possibly a full set of seats (black)
  17. Interested in a complete set of stock 94-98 driver and passenger side rocker panels (side skirts). Color doesn't matter, but they need to be in good shape with no broken tabs or cracks.

    shipping to 32065

  18. what year??

    where you located?? text me at 440 476 4114 if needed..
  19. I am working on a 1994 Mustang, but can use side skirts from a 1994-1998 since they were all the same body style.

    I am located in Orange Park, FL 32065
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