94-98 Mustang parts...

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by jeepman1, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. 94 are different from 95-98 at the fender...

    I have both style... not sure what colors are here, 100 shipped for all 4 pcs..
  2. what parts do you have in black for a 98 interior or trunk interior? plus do you have a spoiler for sale?
    prices shipped to 06468
  3. would you have headers and a complete exhaust in good condition for a 98 3.8L?
  4. black interior....

    console ashtray door got broke 50.00
    kick panels 20.00
    sills 20.00

    I think I sold the rest....
  5. how much for door panels shipped to 92203 ca
  6. door panels sold..
  7. How much for a set of 96-98 taillights?
  8. Steering berring

    I need a piece of the firewall with the berring that goes to the steering shaft. Converting a fox and need the berring with enough metal to weld to the firewall in the fox.
  9. i need a driver seat track, perfer electric but manual is o.k. 94 gt...do you have it and if so how much shippped to n.c. 28020? thanks. also need a shock tower brace, a keyless entry reciever box and remote, and trunk light switch.
  10. I have a manual track, 35.00
    brace 30.00
    not sure if I have any entry boxes left..need to look
  11. Do you have roof rail panels? both driver side and passenger. Color doesn't matter. Also, what color dash do you have? Price for roof rails shipped to 35175 and price for dash shipped to same. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.