Roush 94-98 Saleen Wheels

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  1. Can you guys edumicate me on these wheels. I'm getting a bonus at work at the end of June and i'm going to be looking for a set of these. Nothing against the 99+ Wheels but I like the older ones much better. So what different styles are there? I mainly want just silver. Any info would be great. Thanks everyone. BTW any places besides Ebay I should watch for them to go forsale?

  2. Good luck man....they are few and far between. Watch ebay and the mustang boards and you might piece a set together. There are several different kinds, search the forum and there are several threads explaining all the different ones.
  3. Ya, they are becoming few and far between.
    Read through some posts here, there are a few suttle differences in them year to year.
  4. You have a few different options to choice from. It can and will get confusing but I will do my best. If you have any addition questions, by all means, that is why we are here:

    94-98 Wheel options:

    1) Speedline Alloy "Le Mans Style" - really difficult to find complete sets. Can piece together over time.....

    2) Saleen version Alloy " Le Mans Style" - produced by Saleen during model run for the 94-98 bodystyle.....I've seen less of these wheels in circulation then the speedline version. Would only "search" for these if they were originally equiped on your saleen. I have one set of these that came on the coupe.....8.5's all the way around.

    3) Saleen version Alloy "Le Mans Style" - re-produced 99/00 with a similar but different mold then the original. A few difference but only noticable when right next to either of the two other versions. This would be the set to get, I can get you a set in five minutes with joke!

    4) Speedline Magnesium Wheels - second most difficult set to find. Also very doable over time to piece together

    5) Saleen version Magnesium Wheels - never seen a set in person just pictures. Not as lightweight as the real magnesium as told by Mark pas. Could not tell the difference from the real ones in the pictures!! This coming from someone who has 3 sets of the Speedline Mag's......

    All five versions have the same offset offered: 18" x 8.5" front offset 30mm
    18" x 8.5" rear offset 10mm
    18" x 10" rear offset 25mm

    Ebay is always your best bet. You can try the recycler, pennysaver or the classifieds on ANY mustang site. You'll be surprised what you can really find if you take the time and search. Depending on who you talk to, Saleen may or may not have the reproduced 99/00 mold in stock. That is going to be your best bet and easiest to find. Like I said, one phone call and you've got your hands on them.
  5. Who would have thunk it

    I just saw a speedline Magnesium set on a new Aston Martin for sale in Hemmings! There is even a pretty good pic of the set. They look like 4 "front" wheels all the way around but that is just a guess.

    Timing is everything. I just sold several sets. They come and go in waves. This might be a draught period though. Good luck.

  6. My thing is I'm building a Saleen Clone. Which I will admit to 100%, Right now the 2 items i'm really watching for thte most is the Wheels and Seats. I get a bonus at work the first week of July so Im already wanting to spend it on the car. So I appreciate all the replies. If anyone has pictures of each version that would be nice if you can post or e-mail them to me.

  7. Seats were the stock GT seats unless the car was ordered with the Saleen Recaro seat upgrade. The Saleen Recaro's are really hard to come by, trust me I've been looking. If you do run across a decent set, expect to pay $1500-$2000 easy...
  8. I sordof thought all S351's had the Recaro upgrade. Maybe I'm wrong.
  9. Saleen also sold aluminum "Magnesium" style wheels. They came in silver and chrome. They look like the Magnesium ones but take regular cone lug nuts and say "Saleen" on them.
    They had a close out on them in 2001 I think and were selling them dirt cheap. I bought the last set of chromes but they are all 8.5". Hopefully I can find a rear set of 10"!! I have never mounted them because I don't want to run 8.5" rears.
    If anybody knows of of some 10" rears PLEASE let me know!!
  10. Do These wheels take a special Lug nut and if so where do you buy them.

  11. These are the wheels I was referring too with the fifth style of wheel. Since I never have seen them in person, I did not know if they were Magnesium or aluminum!! That answers another question.

    There was a kid somewhere in LA that had a mixed match set of the real magnesium wheels and the saleen "magnesium style" on his 99-04 mustang. I'll have to try and dug up his information. If memory serves me correctly, he had 10" rears but I have no idea if they were the real ones or not. If I come across his number, I'll pass it along to you......... :nice:
  12. My white Saleen/Speedline mags are 8.5" inch all around. Why the original owner didn't opt for the optional 10" rears when he pretty much ordered everything else is beyond me.

    I'd like to get a pair of white 10" mags but it's doubtful I'll every find 'em. I've also considered getting a set of 8.5"/10" front/rear LeMans aluminum wheels because I hate cleaning white wheels for every day use, but then my car would no longer be original.

    Plus, like Robert, I really don't use it every day. :p
  13. For some reason I can't include a quote?? :shrug: The computer at work is not letting me.

    Thanks!! I need Chrome 10" "Magnesium" style. Since none of the real Magnesium wheels were chrome these are the "Saleen" aluminum versions. My only other option would be to have mine widened. I would rather just get the 10" ones. I will pay top $$ to get them. Thanks again for any help you can give me!!!!:D If his are silver I guess I could have them chromed too!! The problem with Magnesium is that you can't chrome it otherwise I would have chromed a spare set that I have.

    Sorscode, The Magnesium wheels do take a different lug nut. Chicane sells CNC stainless steel ones for around $200. They are 10 times better than the stock ones. IMO they are the only ones to use.

    SVT Saleen, I see Magnesium wheels on Ebay every now and again. You could always powder coat them white. :rolleyes:
  14. Powder coating magnesium wheels is a issue due to the heat. Most places won't even attempt it.

  15. Ya,

    What Scott said. Powdercoating magnesium wheels are a risky business. Mike, you are better off finding a set of 10" mag rears and painting them. That way they could match the paint perfect also.


    Joe has a guy that does really nice work widening wheels. His guy is widening a set of 06 20x10's for me now. I want 20x11's:D

    That would be a whole hell of a lot easier than trying to find the 10" non magnesuim, mag style wheel which you have 4 8.5's of.

    In the last 8 years I have only seen one guy selling a set of those wheels, they were silver and they were 8.5's all the way around. The only set of 8.5's and 10's ( mag style-non magnesium ) I ever saw were on a red 96 or 97 S351 vert and they were chrome.

    Good luck on your search.
  16. ..........:scratch: Is there something we should know Marcus?? Has there been another addition to the family??? Say on 06 white SC coupe?? :D
  17. I'm sure you guys are right about the powdercoating. All I ever tried to do was have the Magnesium chromed. I just thought I read on a ad where a guy was selling his car and said that his wheels were repowdercoated. So I guess that means that all Saleen Magnesium wheels were painted, so getting them painted white or any other color would be no big deal!! So the hard part would just be finding the wheel:D


    Who is Joe that you are talking about on getting the wheel widened? Chicane?
    How much are they charging you to do it?


  18. From post #4 above looks like the Lemans wheel which are listed as #2 and #3 on the list.
  19. Bart is correct!!
    That is a "Le Mans" style wheel from Saleen. The text on the wheel is not clear enough to read, but going from my "vast know of Saleen history" :p (yeah right) that appers to be the speedline version of the Le Mans wheel. The word Saleen appears next to the valve stem and the speedline appears almost directly across from it on the opposite lip. That is one of the more difficult ones to come by.....
    **Just a side not, almost all aluminum wheels are fixable unless it is very very badly out of round.