Roush 94-98 Saleen Wheels

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    Which style is mine?

    by the way, years back i needed to get one fixed, damage looked minimal, but 3 places would not fix it, and the 4th took me begging to get it done.
  2. There is a local company here in San Diego that repairs aftermarket & OEM alloy wheels. They are called Velvet Touch & they repaired the damage to one of my mag wheels when the car arrived from the dealer from whom I purchased it last July.

    They are a mobile company & came recommended by a co-worker whose husband is a technician @ a local exotic car service center. Their specialty is repairing wheels while they are still mounted on the tire & on the car.
    Both Marcus & Robert couldn't tell my wheel had been repaired when I pointed it out to them @ the Saleen show this past September.

    Their website is
  3. Again, that is the Le Mans style wheel made by speedline for Saleen.....

    Ok, I'm gonna reword the list to make it simplier for everyone:

    There are only two styles of wheels:
    1). Le Mans Style
    2). Magnesium style.
    There are three versions of the Le Mans Style. One made by Speedline and the other two by Saleen Inc. The Saleen Inc wheels were made from two different molds and only have slight differences which can only be noticed when you have different versions side by side.

    The magnesium wheel has two versions. The real speedline wheel made out of magnusium and the saleen version that looks identical but is made from aluminium. The speedline version say 18" Speedline Magnesium on the lip or have no wording anywhere on the lip but have the speedline emblem on them. The saleen version magnesium wheel simply has the word "Saleen" on the lip. Hope this helps out........
  4. wheel

    I think that was my auction....but not completely sure. I don't think it sold. I'll take a look to be sure and publish the markings to help the ID.

  5. When I get the rim I will take better pictures. I bought it even though I highly doubt it is saveable. Something to hang on the garage wall. Here is a picture of the backside from the auction. Like said wall ornament.

    View attachment 468986
  6. I did say "most of the time" in a previous post.....Didn't realize that amount of damage. I'm sure you could feasible fix it but I sincerely doubt it would be worth the time and effort to do it. You would have a better chance of finding those Saleen "Magnesium Style" aluminum wheels with the optional 10 rears then get that thing fixed....:lol:
  7. lol, like I said its going on the wall. Had no intend of fixing it. Plus for only 20 bucks I wasn't going to pass it up.
  8. Well, now that you have everyone straight on the wheels, then there is a center caps difference. The ones on my Speedline Magnesiums that came on my 95 S351 have the black ring around the edge and they do fit a bit differently. Tried to include picture but not very computer savy, so don't think you'll get it. Sorry, but those of you who have them know what I mean.
  9. let get on that subject, What are the differences on the Center Caps??? If you want me to host pictures thats fine just e-mail them to me [email protected]
  10. Yikes!

    Woah. Nope, that was not mine!

    Man, that is quite a curb marker! See.........the wheel hit!


  11. this is the one on my 96 S281...kind of cool to know that's the "tougher one" to find...

    Thank God none are like that egg shaped one!!!!! :nono:
  12. I want to know about center caps too....

    I have seen the ones with the black ring. mine are white plastic on the back with a wire ring that goes around the tabs, and has a metal "cap" on the face. I bought one off of ebay to have a spare, and it has the logo cast into the metal, and has white plastic tabs but are made totally different than the ones on my car. It has a number on it, HD-94. I'll have to pop one off on the ones on the car and see if there's any markings on them.
  13. This wheel should be the Speedline "Lemans" wheel which would have the center cap with the black rubber/plastic ring
  14. This wheel is the Lemans wheel and just has the 1 pc center cap. I am not sure if this was the wheel made by Saleen Inc or made by Speedline for Saleen
  15. Here is the centers that are on my car. Has like a thin metal stamped cover over a plastic back.

    View attachment 468684

    Here is the one I bought off of ebay. Is a solid cast piece:

    View attachment 468686

    I don't really know what center actually goes with what wheel. So there are these two, plus the one with the black ring around it.
  16. On this subject, I have a set of 8.5 front and rear like the one 2000xp8 has pictured. They were originally on my White 96 speedster but they are silver and I put some white one's on it. What are they worth if I sell them?:shrug:
  17. Just so i didn't confuse my rims on anyone with the centercaps, they are NOT the ones that fit in there. I didn't like the old ones, so i bought a set of chrome centercaps from newer rims, and i grinded the outside down until they fit, it was a major PITA.
  18. how to tell the difference between front 8.5 and rear 8.5??
  19. The offset is different......

    Fronts have an offset of 30MM
    Rears have an offset of 10MM
    Should be stamped on the inside of a spoke.......
  20. Ah, it's easier then that. Middle part of the front rims are a lot smaller then the back, which is why the offsets are so much different. When your lugs are on the fronts, you can see them (about 1/4" back into the rim). You cant see them on the rears, they're about an inch back into the rim... (yea, yea, the non-scientific