Roush 94-98 Saleen Wheels

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  1. your telling me its easier to jack up your mustang, dismount the current wheels, mount the new wheel and insert your lug nuts to see if you have a front or a rear then it is to simply look at the back of the spoke to see the correct offset stamped on the wheel???? :shrug:

    David, David, David :stupid: :p
  2. I think he's just saying, walk over to the car, and look at the rim, lol. You can tell just by looking at the front of the rim. The 20mm difference is very obvious.
  3. :lol: That's EXACTLY what I'm saying...:p
  4. .....I knew exactly what you were saying David, just wanted to bust your chops like you TRY to do to me...... :nice: :p
  5. Sorry to bring back from the dead. I'm looking at this wheel and I can not find it stamped anywhere. (offset) How can I figure it out.
  6. You can tell by how deep the hub of the wheel sticks out on the back. The fronts have just a small offest, the rear has quite a bit. On the fronts the lugs almost come out even with the face of the rim, backs are sunk in quite a ways. That one you bought is a front. Compare it to a back and you'll see the difference.
  7. next question, where do u all get urs resurfaces and repaintd/finished???
  8. I've used wheels america before... . They are $129 each no matter what they have to do. That's pretty good I think for a damaged wheel. If you just need them refinished you might find someone local cheaper....I think there is a place here in town that does them for $75 each for just a refinish. That's for painted/powdercoated. Chrome refinishing is a lot more.
  9. I used wheels america once, they made my rim worse not better. Where they fixed it, it cracked while i was driving, and then got more bent up than when i sent it to them.

    Send it to this guy john, as
  10. calchrome won't fix the one i already bought will they??? Anyone else have some opions.
  11. The one at the top of this page?

    That one is not fixable IMO. Mine a a little ding, about 1/2 the size of a dime, no crack even. Looked fine too. I sent it to 5 places, when i could not find a replacement.
    Everyone told me that even though it looked good and easy to fix, that since the spokes were on the front of the rim, anytime you hit the inside, it makes the rim into an egg shape.

    I convinced calchrome to fix it, but it took some alot of convincing.

    Email him pics of it, and he'll tell you via email.

    Just to you know, my bad experience with wheels america was with my original 1990 saleen rims.
  12. place here in my home town is willing to fix it. But not refinish it. The outside about half way thru the rim spins true it the other half that is shot. They discussed with me just cutting it in half like alot of places do to widen rims and put a new whole back half on. But like said they won't refinish it and want more than wheels america.