94-98 seat interchange questions!!

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  1. ok, my car is a 95 GT with the optional highback seats. a fat woman had the car before me and broke the driver seat bottom pad down to the metal carraige and it hurts!! not to mention she crapped out the power motor that moves the seat as I guess it couldnt move her fat butt around....

    anyone know what year range I can use for the power seat motor and track from the various ford cars out there??

    also, can I use a bottom seat pad from a thunderbird or cougar?? the seats look VERY similar to my seat but I''m not sure and I dont wanna tear up a good seat only to find out I cant use the pad in my seat.

    I really wanna be able to drive the car comfortably sigh.
  2. If it's a pre MN12 T-Bird (83-88 were on the Fox platform), I'm sure the seats would bolt right in. Otherwise, any Mustang seat from 79-04 will bolt in.
  3. You can use any 94-04 power seat track the 99-04 need to be rewired so it works with our two prong power connector. not too hard.
  4. Best bet is to get a 94-98 track and motor. The 99-04's are way different, but can be rewired.
  5. The 99-04's aren't really that different - the only difference is the power plug on the seat itself. You can cut the connector off your existing seats and splice it into the 99-04 seats. However, it is easier to get 94-98 seats & a power seat track - just a simple bolt-in then.
  6. Instructions from someone thats actually done it.

    :stupid:since people act like they know how to do it because they heard it here or read it there. it is not difficult but it is not just a "simple" rewiring.

    remember the following important details.
    on the 99-04 seat connector there are 4 wires and 4 pins in the connector. on the 94-98 there are only 2 wires and 2 pins in the connector.
    cut the connector off the 99-04 seat and leave the wire as long as possible. then on the 94-98 seat connector cut it so the wire on the connector is as long as possible, i left mine 8" llong. now on the 99-04 you only need to use 2 of the wires out of the 4 total. the negative is the small wire with a line, and in my car the bright green is the hot or power wire. connect/solder those two wires to the 2 wires on the 94-98 seat connector. You can also get a 12v power supply and test the wires. leave the other 2 wires alone, my seats worked without connecting them. even the tilt and recline buttons worked. DO NOT CUT THE CONNECTOR WIRE TO THE SEAT BELT BUCKLE!
    the 94-98 mustang seats have the seat belt buckle on the car.
    the 99-04 have the seat belt buckle on the seat. the male end of the seat belt only works on the 94-98 seat belt buckle.
    but you can not take the 99-04 buckle off the seat, because it has sensors in it that tell the computer when the seat belt is buckled etc.. if you take it off and unplug the wire or cut the wire from the seat belt buckle it will disable the seat and the seat wont work. it disables all power to the seat. i unplugged the wire when i took the seat belt buckle off the seat and then the seat stopped working. i almost resoldered it and took it all apart to redo it. then i realized i took the buckle off and that could have caused it.

    in my opinion buying 99-04 seats then putting your old worn out seat tracks and motors on ur bad ass seats is just stupid. take the extra 10 minutes to rewire and modify the 99-04 seats to fit ur 94-98 will be time well spent
  7. :rlaugh::lol::rlaugh::lol:
    I have absolutely NOTHING to contribute, but that Sheet was funny to read....and subscribing for those instructions.
  8. Ok i have done the seat swap and it is pretty much a simple re-wire. and as for the seat belt buckle i just unbolted them and have them in my storage room and the seat works perfect just a matter of making a simple wiring harness even a 5 year old could make i have attached a jpg of the wiring diag and like i said i now have 6 way power seats instead of up/down, front/back. the only thing i found is that the seat sits a little higher than the stock seats

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  9. Just follow the wires in the included pic and you should be good. the last pin in the corner without a wire is the one for the seat belt warning light and is not used
  10. Just curious here but is there a 8 way seat available as well? and I want to use my 97 seats (there like new)with the 99+ tracks and switch is this a issue?

    My wife complains about the seats leaning back to much and difficult to reach clutch pedal......anyone know if our seats leaning this way is common? or are our seats just screwed? (btw....looks common to me but not sure) Maybe putting some spacers under just the rear of the seat might help?
  11. I have 07 seats in my ride, and i used 94-98 power track. Small mod was needed but it was simple as drilling and relocating holes.

    I had aftermarket sports seat and didn't like it so much because it wore out too quick and it sun faded every year. I like the 05-up seat, it's comfortable and it's way sportier then 94-04 seats,

    I even mount the factory adjusting switch to the newer seat(Power driver's side)

    Get the newer 05-up seats, they are easier to find these days anyway
  12. side note...

    just a side note this is a easy swap but I wanted to retain my factory seats and not that it cant be done but its a pita to us the 99-04 track on the 96-98 seat and i was'nt very impressed with the 6/8 way seat controls over the 4 way ones after t was all done. I think I'm going to go with the 05-10 seats and be done with it :(
  13. How would you go about changing the 4 prong? (Looks to be) from an 01 to the 94 looks like 2 prong