94-98 side window c pillar scoop, anyone done?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has attempted a side window c pillar scoop for the 94-98 mustangs. I havn't been able to find any online so I was going to fiberglass one. Anyone have any pics or websites maybe?? :nice:
  2. there is a company that makes them for about 400 bucks..they advertise in mm&ff
  3. +1, but I don't really like them on any of our cars, they just don't hit the mark. The idea is good, the execution is bad, in my opion.
  4. I like the side scoops you have. I need to get some of those. I know hes not talking about those but I like them.
  5. I do too, of course (lol), I think our body style needs them. My opinion again!
  6. I will second that one clark.

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  7. how much are the side scoops and how hard are the to install
  8. 129 from abc exclusive or cervini's. . Double side tape to install. Plus paint of course.
  9. Did I ever tell you, I LOVE THAT CAR! I think its the white and the wheels.
  10. I might buy a chrome set too. If someone comes out with FORD GT wheels that aren't 1000 bux a piece I will buy them in chrome instead.
  11. wat name brand tape do you recommend using

    the moron that promised a good quality body kit instalation on my car used two sided tape and it didnt hold so he shot pop rivets in the side of my car to put the side skirts on :bang: :mad: :bs:

    thats why from now on i'm doing all body work myself and gettin the ford dealership to spray it after christmas :( i'm still just trying to gather the parts so i can fix the mess he made

    and can you believe he said that he would take it and redo it for half the cost since i didnt like it. :nonono: :mad:
  12. Home Depot has rolls of 1 inch wide 3m double side tape. Then go to walmart in the automotive section by the painting supplies. Bulldog Adhesion promoter in a purple 12oz spray can.. When sticking pieces, alchohol all the areas first. Then spray the bulldog on a towel and wipe it where there will be contact. WARNING- Bulldog etches clear coat so only whipe it where it will be covered by the tape. Do this to both mating surfaces. Then apply the tape to the surface TO be mounted (for example, the sidescoop). Peel the tape and stick it. You only have one shot so put it where it's going to go.
  13. that's siiiiiiick, turbogt
  14. Thanks for the posts guys. Whats mm&ff by the way? Sweet mustangs
  15. So you don't know about these? :shrug:


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  16. 50resto has those side scoops for 125..i hate how you can still see every part of the original factory scoop inside them... dark cars hide it better but i like them...wish there was a way to fix that.
  17. I have a fix for that. Just haven't put them in yet. I found chrome ford GT wheels. They'll be here next week..:nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  18. Probably just paint the inside black or take them out and get some chrome mess that might look good.
  19. there's a company called tmz customs. they make one that looks different than anything l've seen. anybody have them on their car
  20. Jesus. You brought this back from 2006. Excellent work on keeping on subject lol

    I googled TMZ Customs and all I got was that TV show where they take pictures of celebrities.

    Do you have a link to this company's website or pics of the actual side scoops?