94-98 WHITE Interior

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by StangModRacer09, May 18, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know where i can find black and white, or white interior pieces for my mustang hardtop. its a 1995 Mustang v6 withblack/grey interior. have interior peices to swell/swap. Also looking for black door panels.
  2. Unsure what years, but there is a white interior. I beleive it was 99-02 or something like that.

    Also i only think it came in convertibles. Might be hard to find

  3. the dash came in black white and the door panels were black ith white(smae as black/grey) just white instead of gray. i need the door panels and the dash instead or painting mine. i want original instead or painted over :D
  4. The parts houses may have repops, and that may be the only way to get fresh-looking parts (non junkyard).

    For the record, I've painted panels for another car using that paint dye, and the results were incredible. They looked like new, and the paint still hasn't peeled or anything.
  5. yea i heard duplicolor paint works well if prepped and done correctly. thats what i am going to do if i cant find these3 parts factory from cars
  6. Yes, prep is critical. Degrease well, scuff lightly with sandpaper, and then degrease again. Every trace of Armor All must be removed or you'll have adhesion problems.
  7. i am going to take my time on this project as it is going to be a one of a kind i know that.