'94 Cobra and GT what are the differences?

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  1. could someone tell me what the differences are between the '94 Cobra and GT models? I am considering purchasing the Cobra and wanted to know if it will be worth it..
  2. i would like to know as well. obviously they are faster, have different wheels, and say cobra on the back but thats all i know
  3. different cylinder heads (gt40p's for the cobra E7's for the GT), different cam although the cobra cam has very little if any gain over the gt cam, and a different intake, the cobra also has bigger rockers, 24 pound injectors versus the GT's 19 pounders...can anyone think of anything else?? the cobra was rated at 240 horsepower although this seems to be underated they were closer to 275 I believe, and the gt was rated at 215..
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    There is a sticky at the top of this very forum..

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  5. That is incorrect..Cobra have standard GT-40 head not the "P" heads found on the explorers and such. :nice:
  6. cobra's also have oil and power steering fluid coolers,bigger and better brake's better suspension.the intake is a gt-40 style which is alot better than the crap on the gt.i think th tb is also bigger but im not sure about maf.and the 94-95 cobra's do not say cobra on the bumper,it says mustang.i beleive the bumper's did not say cobra until 96.in short you can not go wrong buying the cobra,i know i wish i had.
  7. Oem Crane 1.7 rockers, synchros in Cobra T5 are coated with somthing(i 4got what) All cobras come with Mach460 :) TB and MAF should all be same size, dont know where you guys are getting that information. its more underated to about 250-260hp, mine stocked dynoed at 222hp so thats about right, white faced gauges, cobra steering wheel, different trunk spoiler(led light on spoiler not on trunk) 255s all around, and i belive a more pissy EEC when it comes to mods, but im not sure of this,hehe
  8. Correction!

    Sorry dude you couldn't be more wrong on that one.
    Not all cobras came with the mach 460.
  9. I second that!! :nice:
  10. Just look at the sticky at the top of this forum it has all the differences listed accept for the phosphorus coated tranny gears.
  11. I'll make it easier for you! :D

    14. Cobra Specs
    Here is a list of items that are unique to the Cobra vs the GT (94-95)
    If anyone has anything to add to this list feel free to e-mail me.


    The Cobra engine was under rated at 240bhp from the factory campared to the GT's 225bhp and was only available with a 5 speed and 3.08 rear end gears.

    Cast iron GT40 heads
    Cast aluminum Cobra intake manifold
    Crane 1.7 rocker arms
    24lb fuel injectors
    Cobra specific ECU (computer)
    "Cobra" stamped valve covers with build sticker and signature
    Engine oil cooler
    Front mounted power steering fluid cooler
    Lightened flywheel
    Phosphate coated transmission gears
    Overdriven waterpump pulley
    Cobra specific camshaft
    Cam specs: Duration: 227°/Intake & 270°/Exhaust
    Lift: .485/.485 Intake/Exhaust
    Lobe separation: 118.5°


    13" Front brakes
    11.65" rear brakes
    "Cobra" embossed front calipers
    Cobra specific brake booster
    Cobra specific rear sway bar
    Cobra specific shocks/struts/springs
    K-member that is slightly stiffer than the GT's
    No strut tower brace

    Steering wheel center / Airbag cover embossed with "Cobra"
    White faced gauges
    160mph speedometer
    "Cobra" embroidered floor mats

    Cobra specific 17" wheels
    Cobra specific rear spoiler with integrated 3rd brake light
    Cobra specific front bumper cover
    SVT emblem on decklid (95-up, not on 94)
    Cobra emblems on front fenders (no 5.0L emblems)
    "Crystal" (clear) headlights
    Round cobra specific foglights

    Other info:
    The 94-95 Cobra (and GT) came with a 60mm throttlebody, not the 65mm alot of people believe it to have. The 93 cobras came with a 65mm.
    Although the 94-95 Cobra came with 24lb injectors it still uses the same MAF (mass airflow meter) as the GT. The Cobra specific computer compensates for the 24lb injectors.

    Many people say the Cobra came with underdriven pulleys but from what i've heard it only has a Cobra specific overdriven waterpump pulley. Even if they are slightly underdriven they are nowhere near the same as real underdrive pulleys.

    94-95 Cobra trivia information (posted on the SCOA bulletin board posted by "Dano" from the SVT cobra recognition guide)
    1. '94 was the first year of the front facing Cobra snakes!
    2. These two years were the only ones to have the "Crab Claw" spoiler, with built-in LED brake light! (The GT's stop lamp was mounted on the rear decklid)
    3. Only three colors were offered:
    a. Rio Red Tinted Clearcoat
    b. Crystal White
    c. Black Clearcoat
    4. The '94 Indianapolis 500's official pace cars were GT's converted to Cobra specifications.! They were five converts, with a four-speed AOD automatic trans! The actual "Pace Car" was driven by Parnelli Jones. 1,000 of these replicas were built, for sale to the public! If you have a '94 convert, it's an Indy 500 replica, with all the special badges & markings, and it's red!
    5. The easiest way to tell a '94 from a '95:
    a. The '95 has an SVT badge on the trunk lid.
    b. The '95 has a vertical flair attached to the front of the rocker panel extension.
    6. ALL '94 Cobra converts were Rio Red Indy Pace Car replicas.
    7. ALL '95 converts were black.
    8. The '94 convert tops were saddle color, and the '95 convert tops were black. No other color combinations were available!
    9. '94 and '95's converts came with saddle interior.
  12. oh i thought i remember seeing that somewhere, but every cobra i have seen in person has also had the mach460, i guess its fair to say its common atleast..
  13. Thanks for all the replies. yeah I saw the sticky after I posted this....ooops! It was right after Igot home from work this morning, I wasnt in the right state of mind.
    Does anyone know if all the cobras came with aluminum driveshafts or did they even offer them for the stang? It also looks like that all cobras were stickshifts unless Iread something wrong somewhere. Thanks to all
  14. nope, no aluminum driveshaft is stock to my knowledge, unless it comes on one of the newer ones, its ford racing aftermarket part,which i doubt, yes all cobras are stick
  15. off subject, but is zq8 in you user name refering to a s10 or sonoma?
  16. My 94 GT has a power steering cooler as well as a buddy of mine. On my original window sticker my car came with PKG 249A which does not list the power steering cooler but that is the only option set that mine has. I understand that it comes if you have the "Heavy Duty" package. I can not varify this, but I do have a power steering cooler.
  17. my 95GT also has a front mounded power stearing cooler :shrug:
  18. some Gt's were equipped with them if I'm not mistaken they were on late model year 95's. Extra stock from ford i'm sure...
  19. Yes you are correct. I have a '01 S-10 as my daily driver.
  20. sorry man my mistake on the gt40p's...was answering in a hurry not really thinking just used to typing gt40p's so much...but whateva