'94 Cobra and GT what are the differences?

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  1. I've never noticed that before. Could someone please tell me what the GT and Cobra flywheels weigh?
  2. Actually according to one of the Ford dealers here when I gave him my paint code my 94 Cobra is Vermillion Red
  3. A GT flywheel is about 81-20lbs and the Cobra flywheel is about 13lbs

  4. I don't get it......
  5. Seventy the zq8 on my S-10 is just a code for a certain package that GM offered. The zq8 gave the S-10 a lowered stance like the extremes S-10 without the ground effects and has a diiferent set of wheels. The zq8 is like the fullsize GM trucks that have the Z71 package.
  6. That started in mid '95. Early model year '95s (meaning manufactured in late 94) had the front rocker panel extension open just like the '94s (my '95 is one of these).
  7. Thanks! :cheers:
  8. Wow, where have I been? I've never heard of that, lol. And here I thought I was up to date on things like this. ZR-2's..... Cyclone's..... Xtreme...oh well, you learn something new everyday.
  9. Ford had two names for the color of my and your car. They sold it as Rio Red, but internally called it Vermillion.
  10. ok the rocker panel is as featured. The cars up until Nov. of 94 had the straight rocker panel all of the ones after that curve up to the inner fender giving it a more rounded shape therfor flowing with the car. Anyone having any questions about this can look it up in a late model restoration catalog. They sell both of these and list the date that it was changed.
  11. Since everyone and his brother has a mustang, shooting for a cobra, or atleast a limited GT is a good idea IMO. Have something a lil extra special. But I might not be the right person to say so, because I love mustangs for alot of reasons. No matter how many cars out there are rfaster, I could'nt ever care less, a stang is a stang and it's the ****nit!!
  12. My 94 GT has the front mounted PS cooler also
  13. Same here....
  14. I think the Cobra's came standard with 3.08 gears, where as the GT came with 2.73s and 3.27's with the auto, and I think the swaybars and spring rates were different too.

  15. The 3.27 gears weren't offered until '96, to make up for the loss in low end torque after the switch to the 4.6.
  16. '94 Cobra and GT what are the differences

    I am in the process of converting my gt vert to a cobra and I appreciate everyones feedback. Don't worry guys, the motor is respectable at 433 rwhp with the NOS. I have noticed two interior differences that have not been mentioned. Although I've completed converted my interior to an 03 cobra charcoal black. The emergency brake handle is wrapped in leather on the cobra and the shift boot as well as opposed to vinyl in the gt. I've changed everything on my over but the airbag and the brakes although they are at least cross drilled and slotted. I know the purest will tell, but I'm sure no one else will notice when its done. Its still not enought to hang with MACA. Those boys wont give me the time of day. The funny thing is I will be curious to see if I get an invite after a chance running into a few members at the upcoming car shows for the remainder of the year. I'll keep ya posted!:shrug:

    DJ Al