'94 Cobra Cam

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  1. I have a 1994 Cobra and was wondering what would be the best cam for it? It currently has a BBK Cold air intake, BBK 70mm throttle body, BBK short-tube headers, and a BBK X-pipe. I've been looking at the Alphabet cams but im really not sure.

    Also what do you think the Power and the Torque would be to the wheels currently?
  2. I'm not sure that a cam helps much with those heads. The money is definately better spent on head work than a cam. I have a friend with a 94' Cobra, very similiar mods, but he has longtubes. He put down 232/290 to the wheels I think.

  3. That's what I've heard. I've been considering long tubes and underdrive pullies. What do you think would be the most cost-efficient way to get to about 265-270 rwhp? I've got a friend with a Camaro who thinks he can't be beat and I'd love to shut him up :D
  4. It's not an LS1 Camaro is it? We aren't lucky enough for this to be a turd gen Camaro are we?

  5. Haha no its a 5th gen V6. He refuses to race me till summer starts and talks mad crap even though he really doesn't even know what he's talking about.
  6. V6 Camaro, are you serious? You should be fine.

  7. Hahaha I figured I'd get a response like that.
  8. Stock Cobra's come with 308 gears I believe?? I'd throw some 373's in that Betty and wake it up some...would be money better spent at this point.
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  9. Yeah they came with 3.08's. I bought it with 3.27's installed and it criuses at 2000 rpm on the highway which is precisely when the exhaust starts to drone.
  10. Who replaces 3.08s with 3.27s? That doesn't make any sense.

  11. Yeah I hadnt really ever heard of that either. But hey better than stock.
  12. I dunno. I swapped out my 3.08's for 3.73's and am actually thinking of dropping back down to 3.27's. Don't like buzzing the tach on the highway. Of course, I'll be making about 150hp over stock to pull the gear, but still....
  13. If your car is daily street driven, I would recommend 3.55s. That would solve your 2k rpm problem without buzzing too high on the highway all the time. I have 3.73s in mine, but it's hardly driven right now. Turns close to 3k on the highway.
  14. I'm reading along, and I see he's trying to up a camaro, and I think, crap it's going to be a 3rd gen LS1.

    Come to find out it's a v6, and kinda roll my eyes back at your friend.

    2013 v6 camaros run the quarter in 14.5 seconds.
    Pretty sure the cobra does the quarter in 14 seconds(another source says 13.8 for 1994 cobra).

    With mods, even with the age of time, you've got nothing to worry about.

    I would do gears next, and then start intake shopping.
  15. Yeah 3.55's seem the way to go. Its not stock, he's got some work done to it. Im not quite sure what though. I also know guys who have a 2013 Evo X and a 2013 STI. When you say intake do you mean a Cold air intake or a new intake manifold?
  16. I mean the intake manifold, the cobra intake is a good piece but its not glorious. I guess it depends on your budget though.

    If he says its not stock and doesn't tell you what it has then I wouldn't worry either.
    I had a friend who had a v6 03 mustang and he said it wasn't stock, come to find out it just had a CAI and he thought it added 30 horsepower.

    If it had gears, intake, exhaust. Then I'd be a little more skeptical. Just a little.
  17. Yeah I'd rather just leave the manifold as is. Im not too worried about it but theres always that chance. I've got another friend whos looking at Trans Ams right now specifically with an LS1.
  18. You're going to be a ways off from beating an LS1 without a lot of work.

    I have always liked the 3.55 gear. It doesn't put the engine into the drone rpm at 70mph.

  19. If you keep the current GT40 heads/intake, the best cam in my opinion is the XE264HR-12. Expect 270-275rwhp and 320-325rwtq with the aforementioned cam.
    With that combo I'd recommend 3.55 axle gears.
  20. Im trying to talk him into a Cobra instead but its unlikely. Does that cam any idle issues? And would it require getting a tune?