94 Cobra died on highway, won't turn over but has power

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  1. Howdy all- there are many 'my car died' threads, but I have not come across one like mine (yet)

    I was driving down the highway and the car just died. Still had power windows, radio, and internal stuff like that, but NO juice to the engine. could not pop the clutch to make it work either.

    Another clue is that the fuel pump does not kick on when I put it in the 'on' position- and it does not turn over at all.

    It's an electrical problem.

    -The radio comes on, power windows work, so I'm guessing not an ignition switch.
    -fuel pump does NOT come on- so maybe an 'engine electrical circuit'?
    -would an angry battery cause this? (I would think the fuel pump would at least kick on- it doesn't take much power)

    Never had one die like this before.

    Thoughts my mustang bruthas?

    94 Pace Car 5.0 T5
  2. my LX did this to me...parked it one day and wouldnt start the next...on my car it was bc the relay(or whatever it is) for the fuel pump is under the driverside seat and it got wet and one of the wires corroded and broke...also check the inertia switch if they have one(foxes do in the trunk)
  3. Check fuses, and relays, then check your ground. A bad ground will do this to you, but it will sometimes allow the accessories work.
  4. It won't turn over at all? No whir whir whir noises while cranking?

    If so, you need to get it to crank first (compression starting isn't always indicative of much). Put a charger on the battery, get a jump, etc. The PDC is often a source of issue. Check the connection over (it's the nut on the side of the underhood fusebox. It's arguably the most important connection on the car).

    Once it's able to crank, procede to finding out why it won't actually catch. At that point:

    I agreed with above. Check the fuses. Since you have no priming and can't compression start the car, a bad FP circuit would do this. If you have a diagnostic FP gauge, toss it on and note the pressure.

    Here's some info on testing the FP circuit.

    Codes are always a good place to start.

    Also note if you have spark and injector pulsing.

    Good luck.
  5. What I did to fix this:

    The problem is that terminal B-4 in the ignition switch (see picts in earlier post) is not getting power for whatever reason. Fusible link/burnt wire. I checked what fusible links I could find (on the outside of the under-hood fuse box, going to the charging circuit)

    No one seems to know where B-4 comes from. There seems to be nothing on the internet either... all those wiring diagrams don't really give the whole story- they just say that the 40A fuse powers both the starter relay and the infamous 'Yellow' B-4 wire. Relay works fine. It's between the under-hood fuseblock and the ignition switch.

    So, I... powered it.

    It now has power. Now the car works fine now.