94 Cobra Done A Little Different

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  1. I really wanted a fox.... but I found this one for cheap and it would hold the motor and transmission of my choice very nicely.

    Started as a basketcase roller. had all the parts either in the trunk...or cab...or boxes. heck it even had a lot of extra parts. after I sold a good bit of stuff I had 400 bucks in the car with 31 spline axles, 4:10s, control arms, subframes, springs, a cage that was actually nicely tig welded, and....still a bunch of parts.

    pretty sweet huh?

    for the motor I went with a 2002 model truck pushrod motor:D... 4" stroke callies crank, callies h beam rods, 4.005" flat tops vic jr, 750 holley ultra hp rowdy cam and some other goodies. for some reason the dealer didn't have many parts for that combo sooo.....

    I had to modify the headers with some different flanges to fit the cylinder heads im running

    decided id run a turbo 400 trans for this build, threw one together with the good drum and sprags, alto cluthes, some other little things and a 4000 stall converter. I know the turbo 400 is an odd choice in a mustang but ive built a few and thought it would go well with this application


    did a tubular k member and arms. running a gm alternator down low....just seemed like a good idea at the time.


    little body work and paint....some racestars....

  2. You are going to be crucified!!! But Im diggin' it.
  3. few more body panels

    got rid of the wing....got familiar with a stud gun and shrinking metal on this trunk after welding on it....

    lookin like a car here

    probably going to need a cowl hood
  4. It looks great, and I bet it will move.
  5. funny thing is....that turbo 400 bolted right up with no adapters or anything....


    now ya get it :D
  6. few more pictures

    straight custom downdraft 20 dollar paint booth....I spared no expense

    worked good though...for the most part