94 Cobra Help Please

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  1. Alright guys I need some help. My cobra wont start, the crazy thing is I drove it to work and it was running great, got to the house Friday night and everything was fine. Saturday morning went outside to go and run some errands and it wont start. Turn the key and all the lights come on like normal but when I go to turn the key to start it NOTHING happens. I have already had the starter tested and it was good. The cobra is totally stock just so you guys know. I just dont understand it. Please Help!!!
  2. Clean your battery terminals.
  3. Thank you, but i have already tried that. Im pretty sure it the solenoid.
  4. So no cranking/clicking, nothing at all when you turn the key? I believe the solenoid is right on the starter on your car. Check for power at the signal wire to the solenoid first. If no power there then inspect the ignition switch and wiring to solenoid. Also keep in mind if its a manual transmission you have a clutch safety switch in the circuit as well.
  5. I had that problem on my 94 Cobra. The cables to the battery were bad. Isolate per SilverSline's troubleshooting suggestions, but don't forget to check your battery cables and not merely the terminals.
  6. I had the same problem before. Mine was the starter relay, it should be in the fuse box under the hood if i rember rite its like $11 bucks.
  7. Thanks for all the help guys, she is running good now. However I had to take the chip out of here cause she would stall out at a red light or at idle sometimes. Once I took the chip out no more stalling, however I lost some low end torque, anything you guys know that I could do to fix this problem, I miss that off the line launch.
  8. What was the cause of the no start condition?
  9. It was the solenoid under the hood that went bad.
  10. To fix the current issue get a dyno tune.
  11. I have talked to a number of people and none of them were very specific on the Dyno tune, My question to them was, are they going to put a tune on the factory computer or is it going to be a chip that they put the tune on? I have been told both.
  12. Once you find a good tuner he will answer all your questions, suggest you look for a good one in your area.
  13. On a 94, it would be a chip. The EEC can't be flashed until the 96 model year. With regards to the stalling issue, if you disconnected the battery at any time, the adaptive strategy in the EEC needs to relearn all of the sensors. It will run better after that.
  14. Where the tune goes is determined by if the ECU has Programmable Read Only Memory (PROMs) or Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROMs) On your model Im not sure. The 2001s have EPROMs so I can adjust the settings on my factory ECU.