94 cobra how fast?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 92superstang, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. My buddy that i work with just bought a 94 cobra with long tubes, h pipe and flowmasters. What do you think it will turn in the 1/4. He keeps talking trash saying it will take my supercharged 92. I know it won't i'm just curious how fast they are. Thakns for the info
  2. No way will he hang with your blown GT. The cobra is a high 13 sec car with those mods, at best.
  3. my 95 was kinda a dog
  4. RydeOn, I think your being optimistic there, I had a 95 cobra with BBK headers, cats, and flowmasters the best I could do with stock gears was mid 14’s. I then put on a Ford Motorsport 6lbp supercharger and was getting mid 13’s.

    I’d make a bet with him and smile all the way to the bank. :nice:

    I have smoked some pre 98 GT and cobras in my moded V6. :nonono:
  5. I said best case scenario. I knew they were slow but i didnt know they were that slow. Damn, thats slow lolz.
  6. No strip experience with it, but my old 95 Cobra had longtubes, hi-flow cats, Dynomax Super Turbos, K&N filter and a 70mm TB but with the stock 3.08s. There was this guy in 6 speed 95 LT1 Corvette that used to hound me anytime he saw me. He'd always seem to edge me out, but the exhaust apparently made some difference as I ran side by side with him up through third gear from a light one night. Of course, that was with some aggressive power-shifting. Even with the stock gears, I could chirp the 2-3 shift.

    No solid numbers to speak of, but I thought it ran pretty good against a 300hp Corvette but you know how that can go. He seemed like a good driver, but I can only speculate.