94 Cobra mod options

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Charnis, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I'm new to this site. Have a 04 GT, and recently bought a 94 cobra. The cobra has bassani headers, bassani O/R X pipe, Flowmaster cat-back, intake, and under drive pulleys. I've got a SCT chip on the way. I want to built it as more of a track day car, reliable performance, still street-able, that sorta thing. I'd be worried about S/C or Nitrous with 20 minutes sessions around the track.

    Just wanted some input about other mods to look into. Good bang for your buck, and thoughts on installation. I've thought about intake manifolds, cams, injectors, 255lbs fuel pump, but wanted to know you're guys' opinions.


  2. Do some suspension work, upgrade the fuel pump. I would not underdrive the water pump for a track day car.

    Personally I would do some suspension get some tires and let it eat. Im not sure if you have ever done a track day but its a blast and worth every penny ive been once and cant wait to go again.
  3. Charnis - Sounds like you already have some of the more popular basic, bolt-ons added to your '94.

    Don't forgot to check out the 94-95 section of our message board as well (lots more 5.0 specific information in there, the sky is the limit with the 302 engine).

    G'luck :cheers:
  4. I saw you at PIR with your 2004 and you were doing some real nice laps. Rolled the center caps right out of all four wheels! I saw your Cobra and it sure looks clean. Not a nick or ding anywhere. Congratulations!

    About the fuel pump... what would you recommend 1990MustangLX50? Also... would you stay with copper plugs or go with something different? I think I'll give Charnis a hand and maybe throw some money at him.

    He is my son after all. :nice: