'94 Cobra owners- I need your help!

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  1. I am building a FFR Type 65 Daytona Coupe kit that utilizes a 1994 Mustang Cobra brake master cylinder. There is a big hole in the M/C pointing towards the engine. What goes in that hole?? Is there a part number on it?? Any help locating the item would be appreciated. Ford parts manuals list and show nothing??
    I have a photo of the M/C I have installed in the kit car-the gray duct tape is covering the opening but it is almost 3/4" dia port with a small hole inside. The brakes will not work to well if I cannot find something to plug that port.
    If you have a digital camera perhaps a photo or two of your master cylinder would be worth a thousand words to me-at least I could show the Ford parts guys-might help!!.
    Thanks in advance
    Florida Ralph

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  2. DSC00004.JPG

    The hole is for another brake line coming out of the master cylinder, both lines go to this thing which I cant quite figure out what it is at the moment.


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  3. What is the thing with the two wires in the top photo?

    Thanks for the photos- both my lines come out the other side- towards the fenders- however what is the item with the two wires coming out of it and bending under the M/R Resevior?? I think that is the item I need- any part # on that puppy??
    Thanks again- much help!!
  4. Sorry goofed up!!

    The rear brake line comes out the front inboard port and the front two lines come out the fender side of the M/C. What I want to know is what is the thing in the top photo with a black and purple wire coming out of it and is there a connector supported by the bottom of the plastic resevour?? Also any part number on the item in question??
  5. That is just the low fluid sensor. When the brake fluid gets low, it triggers the light in the dash.

    There should be two brake lines coming out of the MC and as far as i know they both come out on the side facing the engine.
  6. Thanks Guys- appreicate the help

    So it seems that I need a low brake fluid sensor for a 1994 Mustang Cobra- that will help the Ford dealer hone in on the right part.
    Thanks for all your help guys!!
    Picture posted of what I want the Coupe to look like when completed- except the number will be #98 (my old Micro Sprint race car #) instead of #16.

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  7. One more thing

    OH YEA!! My Coupe will have a 351W bored +.020, balancec, forged 10/1 pistons, perfect circle rings, Edlebrock Performer RPM heads (big valves) and cam kit, Performer Alum intake (RPM manifold too tall to fit- that is a item I will have to put on E-bay and sell), Alum water pump, 750 CFM Edlebrock carb and headers- all this backed by a brand new Tremec TKO 5 speed- feeding a T-bird Super Coupe IRS (ratio change at a later date if required). Also have Trico pin drive wheels with real knockoff's!!

    Looking forward to them building my garage (with attached house for the Mrs) so I can bring the kit down from up North and finish it up.
    Thanks Again Guys
  8. Nice, be sure to post some pics when you get it all finished up. Daytona coupes are one of my favorite cars of all time.