94 Convertible Door Panels

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  1. My door panels are in somewhat bad condition. I want to replace them with something newer, but I don't see anyone selling new panels. A co-worker has a complete interior from a 98 Cobra that had 900 miles on it. He said the interior is like brand new. The Cobra was a hard top. Will the Cobra interior fit my convertible? I would just go look at it but it is in Wisconsin which is a bit of a drive from Indy.

  2. I have not heard of any difference in the door panels between the 94-98 models. The door panel insert/cup (the part the window switches attach to) is different between vert and coupe due to the switch panel difference.

    Are your panels broken or otherwise damaged? If it's just bad paint that can be re-done fairly easily.
  3. Hi
    If your talking the plastic inserts in the door there $70 bucks each at late model resto. I just got 2 for mine, the driver side has been looking bad and chipped on the Power Tour. I sat down in the car and put my arm down and ping it was gone. Then the window switch on pass side quit ... The other switches were faded and looking bad so I am replacing all of them :)... always something.
  4. The inserts are pretty scratched up. And I see those can be purchased new. But the oval area the insert sets in has come undone around the edges and someone has done a terrible job trying to glue it back down. Then the main body of the door panel itself has a couple blemishes and tears in them. They just really show their age.

    So if I get the coupe panels and buy the convertible inserts I can have basically brand new door panels is what you are saying.

    Thanks for the replies!

  5. Oh, be sure to check if the door panels are for the Mach 460 sound system. Those door panels have an extra cut out at the top for the Mach 460 tweeter speakers. If you don't have a Mach 460 sound system you'll be left with a hole at the top of the door panel.
  6. Yeah, I have the Mach 460. So I am good either way.

    The only thing that concerns me is he swears they are from a 99 car. But he said it was the same body style as mine. So I think that gives me a 50/50 chance of getting some nice interior parts ;)
  7. Why is he ripping into a cobra with 900 miles for the interior??

    Alsooo, 99-04 have the same interior and fit as our cars, the only difference is the color scheme. So even if it were from a different year, if you got the whole interior it would be fine.
    99-04 being those sharper cornered new edges.
  8. He worked at a shop in Wisconsin. A guy brought in an MG, a totaled theft recovery Cobra, and $13,000 and wanted the Cobra drivetrain dropped into the MG. He never returned and my friend's boss gave him the Cobra stuff.
  9. ah, well, I would upgrade your interior then with the new door panels and the center console with cupholders (swap the wiring harness from your console over to the new one). It's a great upgrade.

    Also if your car is very creaky it's a great swap to do. Personally I like the lines of the interior in the 02 and up cars. They're very clean and slightly more modern, such as the dash clock being deleted and a better latch on the center consoles too.
  10. That is some very good information. I looked at pictures and they looked very similar. But I never would have guessed the newer body style interior would actually fit. Would the dash fit as well? Because I love the SVT gauges. My dash is actually the only part of my interior that is in pretty good shape though.
  11. I actually don't know about that one, I'm not sure if the 96-98 svt harnesses are the same as ours.
    However I have heard that the 94-95 Cobra SVT white face gauges are interchangeable in our cars.

    I would google around to make sure though.
  12. The dash would fit, but you'd need to use the wiring harness from your dash. Also, the air bags are different, electrically; they won't plug in to our airbag system. You'd need to take the airbag computer and splice in the wiring. Or, you can paint your airbags to match the dash.