'94 Dashpod in a MII?

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  1. I swear that I saw someone on here in the last 30 days with an aftermarket '94 dashpod on their MII dash...but I can't find the pic again. :bang:

    Anybody? :shrug:

  2. Thanks KCobra302...that's exactly what I wanted.

    I have a Ghia Sport with the black engine-turned dash and didn't want to cut it up for an oil pressure guage.

    For the second guage I'll either go with a clock or a vacuum/boost guage. Who knows...maybe someday this one will get a Turbo 2.3L engine and I can use the other half of the guage! :D
  3. Here is a pic of it installed.


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  4. Are those Recaros you got in there? Nice lookin' interior. I don't know what to say about your 2 tone dash. :nonono: But you have one of the sweetest II's I've ever seen. :nice: :nice: :banana:
  5. hey jeff,

    does it create a huge blind spot? i have to admit, the more i see it the more i like it.

    since i have the dash apart it could be an easy install
  6. No blind spot for me, and the two-tone thing isn't permanent, just haven't found the time to finish painting the interior.
  7. Mustang2 would be sick if he saw my interior... haha