94 gt complete interior blk/gry all there

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  1. 94 gt complete interior every piece is there price to sell

    All items does not include shipping

    back seats- 75
    Dash bare- 125
    Door panels-bare-40 each 50 with switch panel
    5spd pedals-60
    cluster- 75
    carpet gry-60
    airbags both-150
    steering wheel bare-50
    rear trim panels-30each or 50 both
    rear shelf 35
    kick panels 25 set
    pillar cover 25 set
    dash clock-20
    ac/heater controls 20
    passenger tail light-20
    steering column 50
    passenger side fender-50
    rear spoiler red-30
  2. Is the center grey and the dash two tone?
  3. parts

    yes it is but carrying to junk yard tomorrow 6/14/11
  4. what kind steering wheel?? is it leather? color? condition?
  5. parts

    car is gone only parts that i have r listed above - the steering wheel
  6. are you trying to say minus (-) the steering wheel? not sure I understand what you're saying.
  7. do you have a nice steering wheel in black leather?
    you can reply directly to [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.