Engine 94 Gt Improvements

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  1. First post and a serious one. Whats up Mustang and Ford gurus.
    I have a 94 gt vert. Picke up a couple explorer motors for 150 not bad i guess. I have a 89' shortblock thats been decked, balanced, align honed. IT has studs, main cap girdle, windage tray, flat top pistons, just the basics. Going to put the gt40's on there. The heads are flawless, just had them checked today and cleaned up. Just curious if there are any concerns or monsters in the closet that i may now know about. I am rather good with tools(pops was a machinest growing up> I do all of my own work) and have had several fox bodies and a 99 gt. It just seems that the 94-95 have something odd going on sometimes, haha. Any input would be greatly appreciated. specs below....

    89 shortblock,flat tops, balanced, align honed, gt40P heads and intake,1.7 rr , 24lb inject from mark 8, with mass air, just the basics. no bling bling. simple and sleek.
  2. Nope, sounds good. Put it together like any other Ford engine. Good block, and a good choice of parts.

  3. For the gt40p heads you will need to upgrade the springs on the heads. I don't remember what kit I bought, but it was something that supported 600 lift I belive.
  4. Ha...Its funny you say that. The other day i was setting them on the block and it dawned on me. Almost coulda been a disaster of sorts. Good lookin out though, i do appreciate it.