Electrical 94 Gt No Power From Ignition Wire To Starter Solenoid

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  1. Afternoon guys,

    I'm having a problem starting my car. Starter is good, solenoid is good, fuses under the hood are good. I go to start my car with the key and all the lights turn on in the car, radio works, and exterior lights work. Starter wont turn over or even click or anything. No sound at all but the fuel pump kicking on.

    I got the car to start by jumping the solenoid to the constant hot on the starter.

    Im not getting any power from the ignition wire when tested. Please help.
    And I'm happy to be a part of the group!
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  3. Have you confirmed that the signal is going through the clutch safety switch/trans-range sensor? If so, it might be easiest to test things at the starter relay (not solenoid) in the underhood fusebox.

    In a properly functioning circuit, there are 3 terminals hot while cranking.

    (Relay removed: one constant hot, one cranking hot, one ground. Relay in, while cranking: 3 hot, one ground).