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  1. selling mostly everything from my 94 gt to buy another car.

    buy the car as a whole for 4800.00
    or the parts out of it.

    Black 1994 gt.
    No A/C
    No smog pump/
    Trickflow street heat heads
    Harland sharp roller rockers with arp studs and guide plates
    Arp cylinder head studs
    Manley pushrods
    F303 cam
    Professional products typhoon intake and throttle body
    Tweecer tuner.
    T5 transmission
    3.73 ford racing gears
    svo side skirts for side exhaust. currently has dumps though
    no cats
    BBK long tube headders ceramic coated.
    Steeda ultra light silver 5spoke with falken tires shaved
    chrome 04 cobra wheels with or without like new coopers
    cobra RR hood not on car needs a little fiberglass work. not bad though
    factory cobra R hood on car
    kirban adj fuel pressure regulator
    24lbs injectors (ford racing)
    trickflow aluminum valve covers with custom tig welded moroso breather
    msd 6al
    msd blaster coil
    ford racing wires. RED
    new stock radiator

    I AM FORGETTING STUFF. ASK me about other stuff you are looking for.


    Most parts were new last summer. Less than 5000 miles put on it since then. No nitrous or boost put to it. new rings and bearings in motor

    Contact me on my cell phone if you would like. 401-578-7885. (sam)
  2. check ur text, just in case u forget i was asking about the hoods... if u could shoot me some pics/prices ill swing by hopefully
  3. Cobra RR hood is now sold. Thanks for the quick sale
  4. what kind of rear seats do you have? how much for the long tubes?
  5. i have cloth grey rear seats. $190 for the longtubes
  6. steeda wheels sold
  7. how much for the heads? and what size are they? 165s? Also, are they cast iron or aluminum?
  8. hey sam meant to ask you, what mid pipe are you running?

  9. The heads are Trick Flow Twisted Wedge aluminum heads.
    61cc combustion chamber
    2.02" intake valve
    1.60" exhaust valve
    No O-ring grove for loc wire gaskets

    almost anyone will agree with me in saying these are one of the best street heads you can possibly bolt onto a stock short block 5.0. every dyno test i have seen they perform better than edelbrocks performer heads and AFRs 165 heads

    $900 for the heads the way they are with arp rocker studs left on them. OR
    $1200 for the heads, arp head studs, arp rocker studs with perma locks and harland sharp orange 1.6 full roller rockers with a set of manley pushrods length matched for this setup.
  10. on the 94 im running a midpipe that i chopped up and welded back together to fit my car better 2 1/2" pipe. no cats
  11. Also just wanted to let everyone know I am a currently a ford tech at Flood Ford of East Greenwich R.I. and am also part time at Ocean State Performance. If you are hesitant to buy my parts because you need somone to install them. There is a good chance we can work something out. Thanks
  12. engine SOLD minus the TFS valve covers and Typhoon intake
  13. ever find anymore black interior for me?
  14. how much for the car as a bare roller? i dont need any factory ECU wiring, just a rolling chassis with a good interior
  15. were the longtubes sold? Did you have caster camber plates?
  16. do you have a mach 460 head unit?
  17. 1500 for the bare roller with the cobra r hood and svo sideskirts on the car
  18. i have the longtubes still for sale. i have caster camber plates but im going to use them on the new car
  19. no head unit the car had a jvc head unit
  20. can you send pics to [email protected] also how many miles on the car?
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