SN95 94 Gt Totalled By Drunk Driver/ins Q's/prepare Me For The Worst.

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  1. Hey guys.
    my 94 gt was pretty much totalled by a drunk driver sunday night.
    dude tried to drive away, but I ran and caught him two blocks away.

    I took his keys, "helped" him to the ground and held him in an arm bar until the police arrived.

    94 Mustang GT.
    clean title.
    220,000 miles
    5.0 w/tubular gt40 intake.
    frpp t5 rebuild a few years ago.
    steeda triax.
    slp loudmouth 1 exhaust.
    3.73 full rebuild rear end a couple years ago.
    frpp aluminum ds
    full cobra brake kit
    sub frame connectors.
    eibach pro street coilovers
    battle box reinforcements
    hotchkis rear upper/lower control arms.
    black leather/black interior.
    FR500 wheels
    And a bunch of maintenance replacement parts.

    Runs awesome and aside from the paint, I would say it is in very good condition.

    I have receipts for almost everything.

    So my question is, what kind of offer am I looking at from the dudes insurance company?

    Thanks for any replys.

    Pictures added, his car 99 Lexus GS400












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  2. get a bunch of prices for the same car with some mods and c what there selling for....thats what i did and got a decent price for my dads car
  3. No injuries from the accident?

    I'm surprised he even managed to drive that mangled car
  4. [email protected] that sux, glad you're ok. Sell me that gt40 tubular upper.
  5. Just a scrape on my knee from putting him down ;)

    No injuries, my car was unoccupied, parked on the side of my apt.
    and you know drunk drivers, they always manage to walk away from an accident without even a scratch.

    He got a good distance away.
    drove to the end of the street, made a left, going the wrong way on a one way street, traveled two blocks where he made a right, and parked, barely missing another parked car.
  6. Thanks.

    I'll be keeping everything once I get the car back, until I figure out what I'll be needing for the replacement 94-95 GT I'll get, once i get the settlement.
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  7. My ins co tried to total my 03 a few weeks ago. I was offered $8500 from USAA. I will say that's a very fair offer for a stock 102k mile gt premium. I mentioned all the after market stuff, was told if you have all reciepts, they might add 10%. Buy back cost was $1300.
  8. wow man!...poor car!.....i hope you weren't gentle with the take down!....dont know what i woulda done....!
  9. that blows, but nice job handling his azz for the cops.
  10. This will be totalled.
    it buckled under the rear floorboards, and both doors took some effort to open.
    I noticed a small oil leak from under the engine also.
  11. We landed with all my weight on him, and fortunately, I'm not as light as I'd like to be, haha.
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  12. Thanks.
    I came flying out of my apartment soon as I heard the impact.

    I'm glad there were bystanders out to direct me as I ran.
  13. WOW! As much as I hate seeing a car in that kind of condition, I'm glad at least that you weren't injured. You may need to show up in court during this guys' DUI hearing and recount the events and how he left the scene. I hope they take away his license for a long long time, and I hope you get a decent settlement from the ins company.
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  14. That's awesome to know, I'll be having that insurance soon. Basic Training for the Air Force July 1st :flag:

    To the OP
    Glad to know you weren't in the car when it was hit
  15. Yeah, I could see yours is done. Mine just a little sheet metal. I was just getting you prepared for the fact that all the cool stuff we add means nothing to the ins co. Unless you have a policy for that. I will soon.
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  16. Whatever the court needs, im there.

    I'm crossing my fingers for an equitable outcome.
    Last I heard (yesterday evening) the guys insurance company hasn't even made contact with him.

    Called the PD this morning, police report should be ready tomorrow morning.
  17. Thanks me too.
    this is just a horrible street to be on.
    a few weeks ago, parked further up the street, myself and a buddy were almost run over when a car knocked off the driver side mirror of the car he was driving.

    I need to move, asap!
  18. Oh I didn't realize you weren't in the car, and it was just parked!

    Years ago I also had a drunk run into my Explorer, which was parked in front of my house on a dead end street in a sleepy suburban neighborhood. Go figure? Even the cops were like "what are the odds of that"? He tried to drive away also, but fortunately he messed up his steering in whacking into my truck and couldn't turn around and get away. It was some young college kid who had been partying hard and was coming to find some girl who supposedly lived in my neighborhood. It was his 1st offence, but because he tried to drive away they took away his license for 3 years. My Exploder wasn't too badly damaged and was easily fixable, but unfortunately it ended up costing me later down the road when I sold it and it had an accident on it's record. Resale is one of those hidden costs of being in an accident.
  19. good....i woulda fell on him a few times!
  20. Haha.

    The police arrived too fast!
    But seriously, my goal was to simply restrain him.