SN95 94 Gt Totalled By Drunk Driver/ins Q's/prepare Me For The Worst.

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  1. According to the police, this guy was leaving some sort of Laotian celebration.
    His hair was covered in cake and shaving cream.

    And sorry about your Explorer!

  2. Holy chit, I've not seen this thread until just now. First thing I wondered was how you walked away from that... You should lead with that info. lol
  3. Whoa, that thing took a hit! Sucks man, but lucky you weren't in it so you didn't get hurt. Nice job on chasing him down and just holding on to him until the cops arrived. I sure hope you come out on on the good end of the settlement.
  4. Thanks, and so do I!
  5. Oh, and a funny part of the incident.
    After I had took his keys, I attempted to call 911 on my cell.
    it immediately drops the call, and loses service.
    Dude saw this, which lead him to get out, and try to take his keys, which were already in my pocket.

    I firmly believe if the call had gone through, he would have just sat and waited.
    but it didn't, and he saw an opportunity to get away.

    This directly lead to the physical confrontation, imho.

    I mentioned this to the officers, and the oldest of the two chuckled, and before I could say my provider, he says hes also on Sprint, and cant wait to switch.

    Long story short, dont trust Sprint in any potentially dangerous or life threatening situation.

  6. Got the PD event report this morning.
    Mostly a collection of 911 calls, car description, direction, ect...

    Left a message with his insurance adjuster letting them know it was ready and requesting an update on the claim.

    Still gathering and printing part receipts, and price checking 94-95 gt in my area.
    there aren't many comparable to mine.
  7. Have they got you a rental car yet? Some ins companies can get you one that is billed directly to them. Dunno if it's true, but someone once told me that when they've given you a rental that they're paying for it gives them a little extra incentive to not sit on your claim. Different companies and states work differently though, so you might want to check to make sure you're not upfronting them money, and that they don't have some maximum coverage you need to be aware of.

    Hope it all goes well.
  8. No offer of a rental, I didnt request one either.
    I spoke to the adjuster once, monday afternoon.
    Called today and it went straight to voicemail.

    I'll call my companies adjuster on my next break.
    get him to give them a call.
  9. In a case like this there's no question of fault, so there's no reason for you to be inconvenienced by it and more than you have too. Dunno if you have another vehicle or not, but if not definitely get them to provide you with some temporary wheels. Plus it puts them on the clock paying for it while they dicker around with your claim. I hope they do right by you.
  10. I just recently bought a second vehicle, so I wont bother with a rental.
    I'm also in no big rush either, gives me more time to gather receipts, and check my area for comparable mustangs.

    His obviously being at fault, and my having a second car gives me the advantage I think.

    I wont be in a hurry to accept an unfair settlement from them.
  11. Soooo, what's your next vehicle going to be?

    My 1988 Mustang 5.0 was taken from me while parked on the street and hit by a drunk driver as well.

    Also, a couple years ago a guy on a black CBR street bike ran into my parked 2005 Ford Escape and totaled it. About $9k in damage. I helped the guy to the curb and then went inside to call 911 and the guy ran off!!! Turns out the bike was stolen.

    IMAG0624.jpg IMAG0624.jpg
  12. Damn, glad you weren't hurt.

    Either a 94 or 95 gt.
    I just bought an 04 lancer , two weeks before this happened, so I've got the commuter car covered.

    I thought about a motorcycle for like two seconds, but the drivers here are f'ing morons.
  13. I'm born and raised in San Diego, I know what you mean. I've had 3 parked vehicles hit while unattended in my life, 2 of them a total loss and one had about $4,200 in repairs to get it back on the road. I don't park on streets anymore if I can help it.
  14. Yeah, I normally dont park on the street either, but my apt only has one parking spot, and the lancer was in it that night.
  15. Wow that really sucks, hopefully everything works out.
  16. Thanks.

    I hope so.
  17. Jeez I am surprised he was able to "run" off. Looks like he would have been pretty badly off from that.
  18. Seems like hit and run drivers like to target our Mustangs...

    In March 2008, a hit and run driver sideswiped the front of my 89 GT and totaled it. He tore off the driver's side front bumper, fog light mounting bracket, bent the fender and radiator support and tie rod. The insurance company totaled the car and gave me a check for it. At that point, the car became their property. I intended to buy it back ($200 or so) and repair it myself or have some shop do the body & paint. The insurance company said they would not insure the car, and I could only use it off road or for parts. That translated into not being able to get a valid license plate or renewal sticker for the car.

    I bought the car back with a scrap/salvage title. In Florida where I was living at the time, that means the car is basically for parts only. I removed all the parts I thought I would use and had the wrecker carry the shell off for free. No wheels, no transmission, no rear axle, no electronics inside the car. All that was left in the car were the seats, a worn out 5.0 engine, the hatch and doors. The wrecker had to use an empty 20 gallon propane cylinder under the stripped shell to roll it up onto the wrecker bed. Every small thing of value was removed and stored away. The Tremec 3550, King Cobra clutch, and aluminum driveshaft has already found a home in the replacement 89 LX 5.0 hatch that I bought later in 2008.
  19. In my opinion, Insurance companies are in the auto parts business. They're a lot quicker these days (or so it seems) to consider a vehicle a total loss. They know they can just pay you off and then make all that money back or more and then sell off the remaining parts. You're happy with a quick check and your off to buy another vehicle that you will be paying them again to insure in very little time.
  20. for future insurance check out Hagerty , I have mine insured for what I have into it and there rates are reasonable , also they arent into totalling cars they will do there best to make sure it gets fixed ,