SN95 94 Gt Totalled By Drunk Driver/ins Q's/prepare Me For The Worst.

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  1. Small update.

    In the little over a week since it happened, the drunks insurance adjuster did absolutely nothing.

    She didn't get the police event report (I had it since last Wednesday, scanned and saved so I emailed it to her), didn't speak with the drunk.

    She did however inform me my car is a total loss, and that once she places her drunk at the scene (with police report), she'll let me know.
  2. They're gonna throw you blue book value 94 gt 220k mi. You might can haggle some but I don't believe all the extras will be covered.
  3. Chair force. You're gonna sweep and mop your ass off for 4 years.
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  4. Wasn't in Denton was it?
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  5. Sorry to step on your thread op but Hagerty is something I've been thinking about. Only has liability now because even if I went w reg full coverage I'd only get a few grand on the high end if totaled. So Hagerty takes into account things such as paint, wheels, supercharger, etc?
  6. yes they do i had to make a list of everything done and supply pictures of engine interior trunk wheels and all sides of the car , they let you insure it for what you thinks its worth , as long as the pictures back it up. call them up , they are really good to deal with
  7. Keep in mind that Hagerty and other insurers who will insure your car as a "classic car" have some restrictions about the fact that you need to prove its a pleasure car, have it garaged, not drive it to work, and some other things.. So you need to make sure you qualify. But if you do.. it becomes an "agreed value" policy where you basically pay a premium based on the fact that you both agree they will pay you "however much" for your car if it is ever a total loss. With Hagerty, I think their minimum policy is a $10k value for your car.
  8. I spent 9 years putting fighters in the air. I had better things to do than sweep and mop. We had f%&k up's for that.
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  9. I spent 4 working on tf40b's along with miles of sweeping. What do you do now? Plane related?
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  10. Civilian in hydro backshop at Nellis. Rough job, but somebodies got to do it. :)
  11. When my 88lx was totaled for an engine fire I got 4000$ for the car and 500$ for mods. Would have gotten more for mods if I had additional coverage. Bought it back for 149$