'94 GT vs '94 Cobra

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  1. I would just like to know what the difference was between the GTs and Cobras in the '94 model year.
  2. I am sure I dont have them all, there is a website I have seen on this forum that gives every detail down to the nuts and bolts, but here are a few I am sure of: Cobra specific brakes-17" wheels/Round fogs/3rd brake light in spoiler vs deck lid/ lower first gear ratio than GT/ COBRA embossed into steering wheel airbag/ larger throttle body/ engine assembled by a team who signs a sticker and sticks on valve cover - mine is on drivers side/ Crane supplied 1.7:1 ratio roller rockers/Not positive but think the heads are an early iron GT40 version/Cobra upper-lower intakes/ underdrive pulleys - although not as severely underdirven as the aftermarket sets.

    I am quite sure there are a host of others, but the intake improvements along with the rockers breathing more air in/out wake the engine up, compared to a GT...although all being equal I am sure just a gear change on a GT would put it right at a Cobra, if not ahead -- Cobras 3.08 vs say a GT's 3.73 or 4.10.

    Oh yeah, the sneaky snakes on the fenders!

  3. I,m pretty sure the cobra has the same size TB as the GT for 94/95 (60mm). The heads are a GT-40 design and the cobra's also have a lightened fly wheel and phosphate coated gears. There might be a couple of other minor things as well. Do you remember were you found that web site ? I'd like to check it out.
  4. Nope. The Cobra's have a 65mm TB. Don't forget the 24# injectors and different computer coding as well. And since cosmetics were mentioned, the Cobras have "COBRA" embossed on the valve covers.

    People that I feel are knowledgable on the matter have said that the cobras have a different grind on the cam as well, but I've also heard that that isn't true. :shrug:
  5. There is a really good info book out there called SVT Mustang Cobra, Recognition Guide 1993-2000. It has all the differences between the years. The 94-95 Cobra has a 60mm throttle body; only the 93 Cobra and 95 Cobra R had the 65mm tb. I've got the book right here in front of me ;)
  6. White Gauge faces! :D
  7. The cam on the cobra is as follows.


    DURATION: 270°/Intake & 270°/Exhaust

    LIFT: .485/.485 Intake/Exhaust


    I can't remember what the GT's cam is, but I know that the cobra cams are "undercammed" even with the 1.7RR
  8. I'm surprised nobody has said the most obvious....different bumper covers. Also differnent wing.
  9. Lousy POS Cobra R's clouding my memory... :mad:
  10. Most items were covered. The Cobra does not have a lower first gear in the T5 tranny, and yes the stock throttle body is 60mm. Only thing not mentioned is the different headlamps...everyone about covered all the other stuff.

  11. Thanks for the information. Apparently the car I was about to buy as a Cobra, wasn't one, but a GT with Cobra badges. I was also told the car should have GT40 heads and the intake should have "Cobra" cast into it with the intake runners staggered. The intake on this one had a plate on top that said "5.0 HO". The runners were all in line, not staggered. It also had the orange injectors instead of the 24s. There was no Cobra on the steering wheel. The rear bumper said "Mustang" not Cobra. Thanks to everyone for helping me nail this situation down before I made a mistake!!
  12. The 94-95 cobra shared the same hood as the gt, I think the rear didn't say cobra until 96 but I could be mistaken. It had different head lights in the front (crystal), there was different badging, and the front is the same as the 96-98 cobra, but the wing is different on the 94-95 the 96-98 shared the same wing as the gt but the 94-95 cobra had it's own wing. If you pop the hood look for the cobra intake, when you look at the front tires look for the brake rotors the calipers should say cobra on them and they will be larger than a gt definatly noticable.

    here is a cobra rear if you look carefully it says mustang not cobra or mustang gt and notice the wing it is contoured a bit on top http://crunch.colorado.edu/~cobra/gifs/burke-95cobra3.gif

    here is a better one http://crunch.colorado.edu/~cobra/gifs/bridges-rear.jpg if you look on the right of the picture the top of the wing is contoured a bit

    here is a blurry pic of the wing you get the idea a bit more on this one with the wing http://crunch.colorado.edu/~cobra/gifs/hayes-cobra.jpg

    here is a good shot of the front look at the head lights http://crunch.colorado.edu/~cobra/gifs/davis-cobra2.gif

    You could have been looking at a cobra and not known it, it doesn't look like the 96-98 cobra like we are used to with the different hood that has nostrils in it and the rear valence that states "cobra". Being that the intake was wrong and the injectors were also wrong I am taking a good guess that it was not a cobra.
  13. the Cobra did only say Mustang on it....it didnt say Cobra untill 96...the brakes on the Cobra are HUGE...13" to be exact...the GT's will look tiny next to a Cobra's....umm...the headlights are different(clear) the intake is different....the Cobra's definatly have GT-40 heads, and 24# injectors....

  14. The 94/95's did not say cobra on the rear bumper. I would say the steering wheel would be a dead give away that it's not a Cobra. Why would you want to change that out ?
  15. This was a Vert. It didn't say Cobra on the calipers and they were smaller than the Cobra brakes on my Bullitt. The spoiler was a cobra style spoiler but the rear light was on the trunk lid, not in the spoiler like the pic shows. No cobra on the steering wheel. No Cobra cast into the intake manifold. Aftermarket wheels, 17x8. Have NO idea why you would change those unless you went larger than stock. I did a car fax on it and all it said was GT. It also said nothing about it being a Cobra on the Title. All it said was GT. The hood, and the front were aftermarket, which I knew wern't original, but were very sweet! It was a VERY clean vert. CAI, stock exhaust, no headers, no chip, not even underdrive pullies. Just mechanically wasn't a Cobra, so it wasn't worth what he was asking, unfortunately. I have a wife and daughter that are VERY disappointed. Truthfully, I believe the guy that owns it had no idea it wasn't a Cobra until I told him. He is only the second owner and hasn't had it long. Was very upset when he I told him and his pay-off is more than blue-book on a perfect condition GT. Guess he'll have to find someone who will pay more for an almost-cobra. Also told him to tell his insurance company it really isn't a cobra, and his insurance will drop a bunch. Gotta find a silver lining!
  16. Sorry guys because I bring old post , I just wanna tell you 94-95 Cobra have unique rear wing different than any Cobra
  17. Don't forget the oil cooler, a specific master cylinder, and a specific serpentine belt because of the underdrive pulleys.

    And good luck to the racer with a stock GT and gears. My neighbor has a '94 GT with 3.73s and I will walk him all day long.
  18. JUST LOOK AT THE FAQ SECTION ON TOP!!!! That's why its there.

    If you are too lazy to do so, here's the info there.... :rolleyes:

    Cobra Specs
    Here is a list of items that are unique to the Cobra vs the GT (94-95)


    The Cobra engine was under rated at 240bhp from the factory campared to the GT's 225bhp and was only available with a 5 speed and 3.08 rear end gears.

    Cast iron GT40 heads
    Cast aluminum Cobra intake manifold
    Crane 1.7 rocker arms
    24lb fuel injectors
    Cobra specific ECU (computer)
    "Cobra" stamped valve covers with build sticker and signature
    Engine oil cooler
    Front mounted power steering fluid cooler
    Lightened flywheel
    Phosphate coated transmission gears
    Overdriven waterpump pulley
    Cobra specific camshaft
    Cam specs: Duration: 227°/Intake & 270°/Exhaust
    Lift: .485/.485 Intake/Exhaust
    Lobe separation: 118.5°


    13" Front brakes
    11.65" rear brakes
    "Cobra" embossed front calipers
    Cobra specific brake booster
    Cobra specific rear sway bar
    Cobra specific shocks/struts/springs
    K-member that is slightly stiffer than the GT's
    No strut tower brace

    Steering wheel center / Airbag cover embossed with "Cobra"
    White faced gauges
    160mph speedometer
    "Cobra" embroidered floor mats

    Cobra specific 17" wheels
    Cobra specific rear spoiler with integrated 3rd brake light
    Cobra specific front bumper cover
    SVT emblem on decklid (95-up, not on 94)
    Cobra emblems on front fenders (no 5.0L emblems)
    "Crystal" (clear) headlights
    Round cobra specific foglights

    Other info:
    The 94-95 Cobra (and GT) came with a 60mm throttlebody, not the 65mm alot of people believe it to have. The 93 cobras came with a 65mm.
    Although the 94-95 Cobra came with 24lb injectors it still uses the same MAF (mass airflow meter) as the GT. The Cobra specific computer compensates for the 24lb injectors.

    Many people say the Cobra came with underdriven pulleys but from what i've heard it only has a Cobra specific overdriven waterpump pulley. Even if they are slightly underdriven they are nowhere near the same as real underdrive pulleys.

    94-95 Cobra trivia information (posted on the SCOA bulletin board posted by "Dano" from the SVT cobra recognition guide)
    1. '94 was the first year of the front facing Cobra snakes!
    2. These two years were the only ones to have the "Crab Claw" spoiler, with built-in LED brake light! (The GT's stop lamp was mounted on the rear decklid)
    3. Only three colors were offered:
    a. Rio Red Tinted Clearcoat
    b. Crystal White
    c. Black Clearcoat
    4. The '94 Indianapolis 500's official pace cars were GT's converted to Cobra specifications.! They were five converts, with a four-speed AOD automatic trans! The actual "Pace Car" was driven by Parnelli Jones. 1,000 of these replicas were built, for sale to the public! If you have a '94 convert, it's an Indy 500 replica, with all the special badges & markings, and it's red!
    5. The easiest way to tell a '94 from a '95:
    a. The '95 has an SVT badge on the trunk lid.
    b. The '95 has a vertical flair attached to the front of the rocker panel extension.
    6. ALL '94 Cobra converts were Rio Red Indy Pace Car replicas.
    7. ALL '95 converts were black.
    8. The '94 convert tops were saddle color, and the '95 convert tops were black. No other color combinations were available!
    9. '94 and '95's converts came with saddle interior.
  19. I wonder how many people have bought 94/95 GT's when they thought they were buying a Cobra. I sure hate to see that kind of dishonesty, but at least a little bit of investigation is all that's needed to figure it out.

    Good luck. Hope you find a real Cobra that you like.
  20. Are you sure about that , I have a few boltons and my car is heavy 3700lb , my friend have 95 Cobra stock except cat-back, we race 10 times and he never could beat me , then I drive his Cobra and he drive my GT ,this time he beat me