94 mustang cobra fuel pump issues

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  1. I just recently had my factory fuel pump go out. I replaced it with one from advance. It cranks and runs fine. Then once I got down to half a tank it sputters likes its running out of gas I know my car has a 15.8 gallon gas tank I coast to a gas station and fill it up and it only takes 8 gallons to fill up. So I'm assuming I didn't put my fuel pump back in tight. I resituate the fuel pump in the tank I realized it wasn't in the lowest pocket directly below the opening for the fuel pump. I drive it again get down to a 1/4 this time and it does the same thing. I'm thinking I either didn't put my fuel pump sock on in the right directon. Or my gas tank has magically grown a hidden pocket. I used to get like 350 to the tank before I get near E now I'm getting like high 200's and everytime it starts running low I fill it up and it only takes 11 gallons. So that means my fuel pump isn't getting to like 4 gallons

    - I didn't bend the hangar at all
    - I know I have the right fuel pump its the exact same size as the old one and I cross referenced the part numbers
    - I used to be able to ride this car down to E and get about 320-350 miles to the tank and now I get 240-270 miles to a tank right at a 1/4 tank and it sputters like its fuel cutting when I stomp it or go up a hill
    - it only acts up when I'm at a 1/4 tank
    - I did put the fuel sock back on

    Is the anything special I missed? Like which direction should the sock be pointing? Because I totally didn't pay attention to that upon removal

    The fuel pump in at he lowest point in the tank I looked down in it with a flashlight.

    Any ideals?
  2. fuel sock was my first guess, is it a new sock??
    I don't remember it's clocked position.
    are the clamps tight and the rubber hose off the pump in good condition??
  3. The clamps are tight and I put the old sock back on. It had like a small 1/8 inch tear in it if that matters. And the hose I used was brand new it came in the box with the new fuel pump. I'm not sure what direction I put the sock in honestly its been like a month and a half. I heard there's a baffle down in the tank? Maybe I put it in wrong and it blocking the baffle?
  4. I'd suggests replacing the sock next time you have it out. any tear in it is not good. debri can get through and hurt the pump. it's also a good idea not to run the car to E, that's when you start picking up all the junk in the tank.
    hopefully someone will ring in here that just did their fuel pump and can say which way it goes.
  5. From what I remember, putting the sock on incorrectly won't "block" the baffle, but it will restrict the sock.
    If the sock is on wrong, its fold over on the baffle wall, restricting flow.

    Iirc, I had to reposition the sock when I replaced my fuel pump.
    I wasn't paying attention to its position when I removed the old pump/sock.

    Also,did you clean the tank and install a new fuel filter at that time?
    You could have stirred up some junk in the tank that is restricting flow.