94 Mustang Gt Running Hot


Jul 1, 2016
Lancaster, Ca
Hey everyone. Was just wondering if anybody can help me out with my mustang running hot.

So today I took my car out to do some errands and my dash gauge said the car was cool around the O on NORMAL but my other gauge said the car was running at 237 degrees after only a couple miles. It is hot outside like 115 today. And at night time the car doesn't get above 210. The car never goes past the M when the dash gauge does its job right. Also when the car got 237 I had just put water into the overfill tank and after the car got to 237 it spit everything out of the overfill tank again. It only spits it out when the car gets above 230.

But the overheating only happens where I live. If I go down to LA the car runs around 205 maybe a little hotter? I had some over heating issues a couple months ago and I replaced the Thermostat, TFI Module(which got the car to start again), full tune up, timing is set, flushed the system and have burped it twice now, fan motor because old one burnt out the harness, and the water pump.

I know the Thermostat is fine because I changed my Intake Manifold upper and lower a couple weeks ago to a GT40 and I tested the thermostat again and it opened just fine.

I'm starting to think maybe its the fan or the radiator? But I'm not to sure and I don't wanna drop 200-400 on new ones. So does anybody have any ideas what could be causing this to happen?
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