94 Mustang starter problems

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  1. :bang: I have a 94 gt and I have just dropped a 351w in it. I am very eager to get it started and running but I cant get the starter to bolt up right on the flywheel. The flywheel I have is a 157 and I am using the stock starter and the bendix on the starter doesn't contact the flywheels teeth. Can anyone tell me what size flywheel in on the 94 gt and if any sell a starter for this application. Any help is appreiciated.
  2. i got a PWM-9162 but it hasn't been bolted on yet so i cant say for sure if it is correct.

    anyway, ttt for ya
  3. I reinstalled the stock flywheel but I had it turned down to 28oz. When I try to start it the starter acts as if it wants to turn but briefly but it doesnt turn over totally. The starter is stock and I had a fuel leak at the fuel rails but i corrected leak by installing new ones from aeromotive. Could i need a new starter now? Is the 351w to heavy for the starter to turn. Any help please!:bang:
  4. I am still using the stock 5.0 starter for my 408 and it turns the motor over fine.
  5. But what can the problem be...... I am very anxious to get this thing running an dstart eating some LS1's because some odd reason these guys like to talk so much smack...........:bang:
  6. It might me the starter sometimes when they wont turn over the motor its either the battery is too low or the starter is going bad the part that throws the bendix out wears out and cant throw out the bendix and turn it with enough force to turn over the engine also check your grounds on the starter.
  7. Check your grounds make sure you have one going to the body from the motor if that is good take the starter to autozone or some where else and let them test it
  8. If that doesn't solve the problem what else can it be...........I will check to see if this will solve the issue. Thanks everyone....
  9. I replaced the starter and it turned fine for awhile but I discovered that there is a small leak at the fule rail. Will this cause the car not to start?:bang:
  10. Can anyone tell me what the torque is for t he main caps for a 351w?
  11. You need a 164 tooth flywheel. Then you can use the stock starter. I assume the starter turns but doesn't engage the flywheel.
  12. the starter engages the flywheel fine but it turns briefly then stops. I checked to see if my rails are leaking but they arr not. What else could cause it not to start. My battery is fine and I checked my grounds and still nothing:bang:
  13. Timing issues will cause that. Will make the engine seem like it doesn't want to start, like it's hitting a brick wall! make sure your firing order is right and the timing is right.
  14. Timing is fine also but I am not getting anything. What else could it be?