94 Roush What Injectors Should I Be Running?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by B1gB, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I recently bought a 94 and i'm wondering what injectors I should get, without knowing the HP of setup. I know the car need more fuel. It has 19 lb injectors currently. everything is trick flow. streetburner intake, stage 2 cam, unsure of what is done to the heads... This car was supercharged until recently. It has a bama tuner, msd ignition, bigger maf, bbk throttle body,.cold air intake, trick flow long tubes, magnaflow side pipes (roush). Anyone think I need 30's or should 24 pounders do the trick? Its defiantly lean. It has an adjustable regulator but I don't want to push it on the stock injectors. I assume when the blower was taken off the injectors were swapped. I assume the pump is not stock. I will have the car tuned and dyno after I upgrade the injectors, just looking for some input thanks.
  2. If the car is back to stockish, meaning stock heads 19lb will be fine.
    I thought bama tuners were for the 96+ cars?
    If you have any sort of trickflow heads the 19's will have met their match. 24's would be ok, if you going super charged I would go right to 42's. It gives you head room.
  3. Thanks. I'm thinking about turbo actually. the heads haven't been back off since the supercharger. The motor is really healthy, but just starving for fuel. I would imagine the heads have some work,.to what extent i'm not sure. canI put 42's in now without boost if I turn the pressure down?