94 speaker size

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  1. i was wondring what the speaker sizes were in a 1994 mustang without the mach sound system
  2. 6x8's all the way around
  3. In case anyone is wondering about any car's speaker sizes, go to crutchfield.com and they give you all the stats on any car you have.
  4. thanks for the help guys

  5. i tried that and i even choose the option of with mach stereo and it did not show the tweeters on the door by the window
  6. By the way,for those of you who don't know.The door speakers are 5 X 7's. And the back speakers are 6 x 9's.

    That is 100% correct.Trust me.Door speakers are hard to find because of the oddball size.
  7. not sure about the door's, but i do know that the rears are not 6x9.....i had a pair of 6x9's i tried to see if they fit and they did not......
  8. Hmm,I thought the backs were 6x9's.I'll have to pull one out and check.No big deal.Still have the crappy stock speakers in.

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  9. Well I'll be damned! Mofo! They all measure out at 5 3/4" X 8".So 6 x 8's all around.Shoulda listened to j lutter31 when he said "6x8's all the way around".Duhhh

    Ass beating to the Sound Advice salesperson who told me 5x7's in the doors. :mad:

    Solved that one.