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  1. I just got my mustang and was wondering what it will shut down at?
  2. There is no speed limiter on the 94-95 Mustangs. We do have a RPM cutoff of 7000rpm. Horsepower and elevation are limiters too. On a completely stock engine and drivetrain my Mustang would peak out right around 120mph simply because the engine couldn't push the heavy car any faster.

    With my current mods I've yet to find the peak mph. I prefer the 1/4mile over top mph. I want to get down the track as fast as possible. And a lot of that happens off the launch and in the first 60'.
  3. well i know the cobra was speed limited by computer they say at 140mph, id imagine the gt to be right there with it if not close with it just taking a bit longer to get there, eh i do not advise trying to reach the limit though....id atleast hope one has the proper speed rated tires if trying to attempt tho
  4. Ever see Ernie's (Slow5.0) video where he goes 160mph on a dyno? Pretty sure the computer is speed limiter free.

    I have Z rated BFGs on all four corners.

    I too don't recommend full speed attempts on public roads.
  5. well maybe the gt was different...i also know thru tuning devices the top speed limiter was suppose to be able to be removed if i remember correctly. Cant remember where i officially read it but found this...

    "The 1995 Cobra was powered by the same 240-hp 5.0L V-8 used in 1994 snakes. The car reached 60 mph in 6.7 seconds and topped out at 140 mph"

    and just for kicks i know the 96-98 cobra is suppose to be rated to the same speed as well
  6. I don't think the GT has a limiter either, I know I just tipped over 150mph :eek: with my stock 2.73 gears when I had it on a Dynojet.

  7. I have a 95 GTS that i've had to 135MPH and it was still pulling! But I didn't have the cajones to push any furthur on the Highway.
  8. When i had just gears and bolts ons i hit 140
  9. With no mufflers, U/D pullies, and 1.7 RR's I hit 145 MPH easily. I could have hit around 155 if I would have kept going.
  10. bone stock it hit 130 and it was still pulling pretty good too
  11. eh im actually quite dissapointed with the way our cars pull stock topend...that run out of steam in those upper rpms,heh
  12. That's how they come. For folks like me, I gladly trade running out of steam for nice low-end grunt (do we spend more time at 2500 RPM or 5500 RPM?). Even with a car that screams at high RPM, having a soft bottom end (from cam timing, etc) can really make for an S2000-like experience.

    And top-end breathing is easy enough to free-up while keeping decent low-end torque.
  13. I love the lowend. I just put mufflers on so Im finally finding out what its like. :)
  14. Ditto and it was still pulling I just got scared of it when I noticed how fast I was going and slowed down quick.
  15. ive had mine at 165 based on the car next to me (his speedometer goes to 200:nonono:)
  16. the only aftermarket part on my car was a k&n, and i had it up to 150. 5 speed, 2.73's.
  17. dude is that geo a joke?