94- up post your pics of whos is the baddest...doesnt have to be yours.....

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  1. first i am not tring to piss u guys off ............i wanna see the grand national winners....the top honors nsra guys...the demo cars.the dealer one offs the rarest cars...............i want to see mustang that make u piss your pants not bolt on cars....NO OFFENSE IALL THESE CARS LOOK GREAT AND I AM SURE YOUR MONEY AND TIME WERE SPENT IN GOOD TASTE AND WE ALL LOVE OUR CARS......but i want to see the CJR's the SA10 the oneoff 94 style fr500 ford built i am calling out all the baddest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Those are some great pics. I would trade anyone of them for my wife. I wll toss in a cousin for the Boss though. Hehe

  3. Who gives A....

    Go > show

    you sound like a ricer :shrug:
  4. i give a &*&% is was my post i wanted to see rare and wild mustang and not the rice rocket ones either
  5. You need both go and show. Go is only 50% of the car man! I'll never respect an ugly car that only goes fast. Anyway, nobody here has cars like he wants to see. People usually don't get into crazy show projects with Mustangs. Mostly just SUV's and imports.
  6. I'll post a picture after I get mine back with the 19's and 20's.
  7. What kind are they?
  8. show and go are what i am looking for i said the baddest all around similar to the superstallion the fr500 it doesnt here to be owned by anybody here i mean pics of things u have seen at shows or cruse ins saleen dealers i know i have been at a show a snaped a pic of a widebody saleen or the roush CJR or even a rare edelbrock saleen sorry to cause such an uprare...why does every post on this board have to call out a argument!
  9. super stallion is an ugly POS.

    what exactly are your tastes? Maybe I can post some from my collection.

    I like cleaner looking cars. a nice set of wheels... clean drop, tastefully done. You may like the body kitted all tricked out cars that are on the vurge of rice in some poeple's opinion. Different strokes for different folks.....
    Full suspension.
  10. Your response to thee cars will be an insite to whether you have taste or not.

    The TDC saleen. Built a few years ago before they went out of business.

    Twin turbo built 351 T56 built
    ....1099 to the wheels. street car with AC
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    a sweet car from here
    T56 and sooo much more... sweeet car
  11. this what i mean clean lines custom work thank u anybody got more.....that is a clean 87-93 love the chrome engine bay and those deepdish nice

    i personaly like the stallion my to each his own

    no not ricer body kits but molded in side skirts and custom lipped fender quality workmanship or stuff like that if u look at my site u will see my truck lid i smoothed it and tookall the seems out i just want to see some the rareer stuff

    different paint jobs.........retro style maybe a matt black racer???

    or a gull winged vert with old style 427

    i like to see custom done wild stuff or
    quality best of show winners that take it down the track when there number is called
  12. :hail2: :drool: :eek: WOW those 2 are nice.
  13. HRE's they are painted black with the lip still chrome.
  14. that's a sharp looking coupe. :D me likes.
  15. :stupid:
  16. My Ride

    Here is my 95.

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  18. sweet cars

    I personally like the boss 429 and that saleen tdc is ahh so sweet,and the super stallion is a pretty cool car itself.