94- up post your pics of whos is the baddest...doesnt have to be yours.....

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  1. Wow Paul, that '05 is nuts! I can't even imagine how much money the owner has tied up in that car... I would have to say he easily has more $ in mods than he does in the price of the car. I think that may be one of the best looking Mustangs I have ever seen... :hail2: :drool:
  2. My car is a piece of $hit :(
  3. orhaib car is bad but if u put it against fakesanke or onebad95 or killer cannary com on what do u have there just a black vert cobra with some ricebo doors but it is a a bad cobra but not the baddes... and remeber it is the addetion to detail and clean lines that makes a best of show winner ....but this thread is all about showing off not tring to start a fight or war if u want to do the war thing there is a fun site called gotstang.com and u can challange and do face offs on there but i dont hink we need to start arguing over which car is better i just want to see as many sick and tricked out cars that u all can find or dig up
  4. I know my car is not nearly the baddest most awesome stang out there, but I'll post up pics anyways. :p
  5. nice that is what i mean if it is done clean post it!

  7. :( Lot of old names you don't see posting anymore in this thread. I remember them when I first started to post but I see that half of them recently have been here. Post people!! :nonono:
  8. WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Niace car!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  9. Kevin, post up your car if it hasn't sold already........... they think you are just talking smack a little prolly with nothing of your own...........

    just my .02 cents.... mine isn't done yet......

    i will add some pics though...

  10. I have looked this car over very closely and it is very nice. Kevin did a very nice job with it. I remember it being in Mustang Enthusiast a while back as well.

    As far as show v. go. Who care's. Everyone has their preference. I set out to run 12's in mine N/A. Did it. Then I had to choose to put a roll bar in a vert. (Not a good Idea), or turn it into a show car. I chose the show car route. I admit, we still have more to do with the car, but I am very happy with where the car is right now. 1 or 2 more years and it will be done.

    Here are some car's on here that I think really stand out. They are in no particular order and I apologize if I miss one or two.

  11. thanks man and onebad95 your car is sick u need to be posting some pics of yours
  12. i wanna post pics!!! can somebody host my pics :(
  13. thanks for the mention charlie sometimes you have to see a car in person to really appriciate it.