94 V6 3.8l Odb Codes

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  1. I ran my car through an OBDII sensor and it returned with P0141, p0161, p0340, p1151.
    I removed the IAC real quick before work and it didn't look great some I am going to try and clean the TB, IAC, and MAF.

    I also don't remember the last time the O2 sensors were replaced so I am probably going to do that as well.

    Any ideas on how I can get this car into shape? Thanks.
  2. I assume you have owned the car for some time based on the O2 reference. When was the last time you did a basic tune-up and what exactly did you replace? Have you ever removed and cleaned the battery to engine and engine to chassis grounds? Solid grounds are critical for proper sensor functions.
  3. I just cleaned the TB, IAC. I haven't had a chance to clean the MAF since I don't have a security Torx to remove it. I don't remember the last time I had a tuneup, but it hasn't been that long. I have never cleaned the battery to engine, or engine to chassis grounds only the battery itself.
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  4. Okay, what is it that you are trying to fix and what symptoms/issues are you trying to address?
  5. I am trying to fix the OBDII codes and my A/C compressor clutch not engaging which I believe is the reason my A/C is not blowing cold.
  6. Okay, clear the codes first to ensure they are current and not something that is ancient history. The A/C clutch not coming on is most often a failed cycling switch on the drier. Jump that connection and if the clutch engages the switch needs to be replaced. It can safely be removed as it sits on a schrader valve.
  7. Just cleared them and I am still getting the same codes. I tried jumping the switch (@ the cable) and it didn't do anything to the clutch. Should I replace both the cable and/or switch?
  8. Test for power at both the switch and the a/c and go from there. Have you cleaned the MAF sensor element yet? Use only MAF, electrical contact or non-chlorinated brake cleaner.