Progress Thread 94 Vert Ressurection

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  1. Guys,
    After getting all the parts together and hand sanding and priming my bumper cover. (Thanks for the tips Kevin!!!) I finally put the car in the shop to get the real work done.

    A little history

    The car was in EXCELLENT shape. 110,000 miles, Zero Mods when I bought it. It was hit on the Drivers quarter panel and rear when I bought it, which knock the door off track and made it hard to close. But it had waaaaaaaaay too much potential to pass up. Perfect carpet, excellent seats 1 tear, perfect dash, perfect vert top, engine unhorsed, zero rust, no frame damage, etc etc. So I bought it and have been working on it for about 2 1/2 years now. All the seals leaked so I repaired & replaced EVERYTHING. Very pleased with it now but as we all know there is always so much more work to do.

    I'm going to be posting up pics of the car coming back together bodywise as well as any other progress I make on the car.

    I'll start with pics of the body damage when I first bought the car.
  2. Being a proud new owner of a 94 5.0 vert as well I'll be following this thread. Mine has been bumped also and they replaced and repainted a few things. I need to replace my top first. Then I would like to get a better paint job on it. So this will be interesting to follow along.
  3. Yes sir!!! Thats a fine machine you have there. Love the wheels and the drop. Thanks for following along. I'm excited about finally bringing the body back to life.
  4. You'll have to forgive my avatar. I am a Photoshop guru and when I joined here I was in the middle of trying different wheel and tire combos on the car in Photoshop. So my avatar is a complete fabrication. Here is my baby in it's original glory...
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  5. Here is a side view of the quarter panel. It was knocked pretty good. The door is off by about half inch. Quarter is pushed up. And a few dings within the damaged area. Mustang sideviewdamage.jpg
  6. MustangRearDamageErasedplate.JPG View attachment 81275
    This is where the most force hit the car. knocked the bumper cover. Knocked the trunk off pretty good. The bumper reinforcement took the damge. Once the cover was removed I saw the bumper re-enforcement was banged up and I felt much better about the frame which was fine.
  7. Here is a front side view. Mustang driverside frontviewstreet.jpg
  8. I had to go outside and look and make sure my car was still in my drive. But then I saw the headlights. That is a very nice car. It's a shame it got bumped. But that is not that bad at all. I wish my top was in that good of shape. I can't wait to see more pics.
  9. Thank you sir. and thanks for interacting with me on this thread.
    Yes I upgraded the headlights not long after I bought the car.
    So if you see my updated pics. You would think your car was in my driveway. They are just about the exact same. Even got the tri bar rims. LOL
  10. I was looking at your car and mine does appear to be lowered. I wish I knew what springs they are. I don't much care for the ride. It has Tokico shocks on it which in my opinion suck.

    So how about an idea of where you plan to go with yours? Are you going to restore it or mod the heck out of it? Will it be a daily driver or garage decoration?
  11. Your car is most def lowered. It looks good. But lowering springs definately give the car a different ride and it is not always a good thing. This car is a daily driver. There is no garage queen to it at all. I have enough "queens" in the way. This car is to drive everyday. I have changed the exhaust system twice since buying it. I need to weld in some subframes & redo the rear upper control arms. I have to get stock bushings pressed into the new upper control arms because I hear bad things about the poly's in the upper control arm. Can ruin your torque boxes or what not so I'm not taking any chances there. I am looking to do H/C/I swap this fall. Sooner if I can find all the parts I want for the right prices. I'll take 300-320 HP and be very happy with it.
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  12. Here is the "before" passenger side. Nearly flawless.
  13. Here are a few pics of my hand work on the replacement bumper cover. Hand sanding is no fun at all!!!!!! You must be patient to get good results. It is a very slow process. Thanks for all the tips guys.

    IMAG0089.jpg IMAG0087.jpg
  14. Here are a few more of the bumper cover from opposite angle.
    IMAG0086.jpg IMAG0085.jpg
  15. Not alot of conversation in here. Hopefully I can get some advice on what kind of enhancements do you guys recommend? Talk to me about H/C/I combo's, Suspension, etc etc.
  16. I prefer to get the chassis and suspension stuff done before I start on the engine. But when I do get to my engine I will probably be looking at AFR 185's, an F303 cam, and I would really love to find an old tubular GT40 intake and doing the Fox body TB swap. I know there are better performers out there, but nothing comes close to looking as good. Plus it has good bottom end which works well with the F303. I also want to add an aluminum flywheel to help it rev quicker.
  17. Heres a pic of some of my beggining underhood refreshments.

    Stang Underhood.jpg
  18. The GT tubular is a very good looking intake. I like the AFR heads as well. I would like to go with Edelbrock or Trick Flow intake set up but I might do a ported Explorer intake as well. I redid the suspension when I got the car. But Im going back thru it. I need to weld in subframes, As well as rear upper control arms & front control arms.
  19. Here is a look at the begining of the body work repairs. Grinded clean and the beginings of the drivers side quater panel reshaping and repair.

    Side repair.jpg
  20. Here is the rear view of the body reapair. As you can see the car is dirty under there but not rusty at all. Very solid. Here the door is lined back up and can properly close!!! (AMEN) and the trunk is settle down some. But of course much more alignment work to do there. Remember I bought the car with this damage so I have never seen it straight. I'm very excited to finally be getting this work done.. Rear Repair.jpg