Progress Thread 94 Vert Ressurection

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. Are you planning on painting this yourself?
  2. looking good so far. as far as suggestions for power, you need to tell us what you want first. if your looking for just a mild H/C/I, then get a trickflow top end kit and call it done, but if you want to go big power then budget is a concern. let us know what your after then we can help.
  3. It has been fun and Im excited to see it done. I have never painted before but I have been learning. I couldnt practice on this car because I want to drive it. I'm practicing bodywork on my 72 Olds Cutlass. Once I do it once properly. ill never look back. I love cars engines and body. So its definately something I want to be able to do. But this car is in the body shop getting this work done because the body was banged up pretty good and I didnt have proper knowledge to fix it yet. But Im working to change that!!!!
  4. Thank you sir. I'm very pleased. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I am a "new edge" fan but this car has really grown on me. As far as the engine I would be more than happy with 300-350 HP. I love the trick flow intake systems. Can I make the power I want with just the top end? Also if I go ported Explorer intake, aluminum heads, What kinds of cams should I be looking at? Thanks for the reply
  5. Here it is on the rack. But it didnt need any framework.
  6. that's good that it didn't need any frame tweaking. 300rwhp is pretty much what most people get with the trickflow kit. 94-95s get a little bit less, 290 or so. it's a solid kit without question. if you want more than that power adders are always a good option. you can pickup a used vortech setup for not even 2k. otherwise, displacement might be the next item.
  7. I did end up getting the Trick Flow set up.
    Looking forward to pulling the drivetrain and getting everything upgraded.
    I'm currently collecting parts so I only have to do this once. But I'm close to having everything. About 3 weeks away from this project.
  8. Here is the damaged drivers quarter (the worst area) all straight and primed. Trunk is lining back up more and more. My bumper cover work is looking quite nice. Not bad for a first timer if I must say so myself.

    Quarter prime.jpg
  9. that looks loads better than it did for sure.
  10. So you have a body shop painting the car but you are painting the bumper cover? Sorry, kinda cornfused here.
  11. No I am not "painting" any parts of the car. I hand sanded the bumper down and did the prep work on the bumper cover at home as you can see in the earlier pics its on my porch. I did the main work on the bumper long before the car went in the shop. They just reprimed it and did whatever they did to it and bolted it up. I had learned some sanding and pre paint tips from 95steeda and I put them to use on the bumper cover. I didnt try to paint the car myself becasue I dont feel ready yet. But I do plan to paint my 72.
  12. Ahh, I see. That makes sense now. That quarter panel turned out nice. Are the body lines all back in shape?
  13. Yes sorry for the confusiuon. The lines look ok. But the type of damage the way it was hit makes it tough to attain perfection. I'm guessing it will be very close but not perfect. unless I drop about 3 -4 more grand on the body work alone of course. LOL
  14. Trick Flow Track Heat intake with spacer, 75mm Eddie TB, spacer and fox throttle cable set up all on the way. Yesszzzziiirrrr.
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  15. More body work pics.
    HoodMiddle.jpg Had spots on the hood I didnt like so they sanded it down.
  16. Here is the driver and passenger side body work.
    Driver prime.jpg Passprime.jpg
  17. Dude, why did they tape off the hood vents instead of just removing them? They removed the door handles. It would have been far easier to just remove those vents, remove the little black grilles, and paint those separate than mask them. Plus it would look a lot nicer in the end.
  18. I agree. Definately a few things that if I had the full knowledge and tools I would do very diffrently. But I'm at their mercy for now. We'll see how it turns out.
  19. Here is a view of the rear body work repair.
    Rear prime.jpg
  20. Tailights all masked off. Doing something slick with those as well. ;)