Progress Thread 94 Vert Ressurection

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  1. I just did that to my tail lights. That is a fun mask job.
  2. I saw your new look. And yes i know what your saying about the masking job. Horrible. I was going to do mine myself. But I figured hell its in the paint shop. You do them. I'll just enjoy them. LOL.
  3. I went to pick up my intake from Fed Ex yesterday!!!! I didnt get a chance last week. Needless to say I'm a kid in a candy store. Still gathering parts but the entire drivetrain is coming out in approximately 3 weeks. Cant wait.
  4. Yessszzzzziiiiiirrrrrr. This is inside the shop. Its dusty, but you get the Crispy picture. LOL
    Front paint insideshop.jpg My front clip is new as well. I had a small crack in the original. So I had them put me another one on. Glad I did.
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  5. Good stuff. I wish I could afford to repaint mine. It needs that and the seats recovered then I'd be a happy Stanger.
  6. Looks awesome. Im hoping to get mine painted this winter

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  7. Thank you sir. My driver seat has a tear. I decided I'm going with seat covers for now. All my efforts now is going into suspension & getting it to 320-350 HP.

  8. Thank you sir. I'm extra excited to finally have a straight car with new skin. Been a long time coming for me. Hopefully I'll fall in love with it even more. That''s a fine machine you have there as well.
  9. All Straight.
    Super rear paintedoutside.jpg
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  10. Here is the new intake and TB setup.
  11. Another rear view. They are washing the dust off of it so I can get a good look at it.
    RearOutside shop.jpg
  12. No real damage to this side but I still got all the rock chips, scratches, etc smoothed out. Looks good.
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  13. I was on my way out and decided to snap one before they put it back in the bed. LOL
    Painted whole car outside.jpg
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  14. Looking great!
  15. Your making me miss my old trick flow setup...
  16. Thank you sir!!!!

    Yes. I'm very excited about the new top end. That track heat is a beast.
    I'm almost finished purchasing everything I want to go in while the motor & trans is out. Can't wait to add those extra ponies and tighten up that aode with seals, shift kit ,stall etc.
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  17. That is one thing i wanna stear away from forever was the aode
  18. Yes I wanted a manual. But I had to choose between manual and convertable. Needless to say convertable won. I figure if I ever want to I can switch to a T-5 anytime.
  19. Yea that is what I ended up doing and I came to a nice crossroads with that as well.

    Couldn't locate a bellhousing specific for our car within 100 miles or worth the money...ended up having the input shaft swapped for a fox and used a fox bell and had to trim about a inch out of my shifter tunnel.
  20. I'm thinking about making the switch to manual. But I actually dont mind the auto. I dont race go to the track or anything like that.

    What kind of top end are you running now and why did you switch from Trick Flow???