Progress Thread 94 Vert Ressurection

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  1. the trickflow kit was on my 95gt. I have a 94 cobra with a stock motor right now. Only had the car about a month now.
  2. Here is my custom 5.0 knob.
  3. Here is the knob mounted.
  4. Here is the car.
  5. Here is the front.
  6. Wow that looks good :nice:
  7. Cracked Scalp!!!!!
    50Reversed in Driveway.jpg
  8. Here is a couple fuzzy shots.
  9. TITTIES OUT!!!!
  10. Well I'm working the rear speaker grills where the cloth has come off. I don't have the patience to recloth them right now. So I just took them off, scraped and cleaned them, sanded them and shot them with some black paint. Here are the beginning pics. Speaker Grill Sand2.jpg Speakergrill1stspray.jpg

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  11. Still working the Speaker grills. I didn't finish the rear bottom grills. I will post picks of that finished as soon as it is completed. But I did get to work my driverside window motor. As you can see from the pics. It was a mess. Bushings ground up to crumbs. All redone and working perfectly now. You need these tools and those three little bushings pictured. Also some multi purpose grease to lube everything back up. WindowMotorRepair.jpg
  12. How bad of a job was this? My passenger side window just started slipping. Sounds like the gear is jumping a tooth when you get it all the way up or down.
  13. Very easy actually. The hardest part is basically opening the motor cover. There are 2 tabs on the back you have too pry. Which really isn't that hard to do. And then lining up the bushings properly to go back in smoothly is the second hardest part which really isnt hard to do. The bushings cost $7.99 at autozone in the "help" section.
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  14. Newtires1.jpg Here are a few pics of my Stang getting new meat. 255/35/20
  15. Here are a few pics of my Stang getting new meat. 255/35/20
    Newtires2.jpg Newtires3.jpg
  16. In the Driveway after rubber change. 255/35/20

  17. As you can see from my avi. I've been working the suspension. Entire back finished. The car is lowered 1.5 inches as well. Pics on the way.