95-00 Explorer owners - what kind of MPG do you get?

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  1. hey guys, thinking about selling the 94 accord and getting a 95-00 explorer. my accord has the 2.2 in it so getting 28 mpg interstate isnt a problem ( although i thought it might be a little better than that ). its a nice car but i think i may like a explorer. i hear there are 3 motors: two flavors of the 4.0 v6, one with 160hp and one with 205hp ( i think the 205 v6 came out in 97 ) then the 302 v8. obviously we all know the v8 is a reliable powerplant, im just concerned about the mileage. another concern is the transmission. rumors are that they are weak. true or false?

    list your year, 2/4 wheel drive and engine. let me know what kind of mileage you get in town and on the highway.

    also, any opinions or input on the pros and cons of a explorer is appreciated.

    thanks guys :)
  2. I had a '96 xlt 4x4 a few years ago with the 4.0L (must have been the 160 horse version). Mine was in great condition cosmetically and i loved the interior and ergonomics of it, but the engine was constantly giving me problems. I got it when it had about ~180k on the clock and kept it till it had just over 200k, (about a year and a half) and we had it towed 3 or 4 times. It got to the point where it was just nickel and diming me so i got rid of it. Im sure if you got a low-mileage one you'd be safe, but i'd stay away from anything with over 170k. They are great in the snow and mud, though. I got about 20mpg on the highway.
  3. 2000 Merc Mountaineer 4.0L 2x4/on demand AWD/4x4
    18 - 21 in the city 24 - 28 on the highway all depends on how hefty your foot is.
    I bought it with 72K on the clock and it has 139K on it now i have had NO problems with so far. From what i have heard the 4.0L have problems with the timing chains and the 5.0L have problems with the exhaust manifolds cracking. But that is all scuttlebutt. All i can tell you is buy with low miles and routine maintenance. They are a nice SUV. They do great in the snow lots of cargo space I have moved everything from a 5.8L engine on a skid to a Full stack Ampeg Bass rig in the back of mine. I have not towed with it so i have no insight about that. Over all i would buy it again in a heartbeat. -Andy
  4. I have an '01 Sport....which obviously isn't a '96-'00 model, but I run the same 4.0L SOHC engine that was available in the later years. I average about 20-21mpg and a little better on the highway if I keep it at or around 110km/h.
  5. hmm. the mileage you guys are getting isnt too bad. i could live with that. i was expecting something in the 14-16 range
  6. Stay away from the 5.0L's and you'll be fine. Otherwise, expect to take it up the rear no matter how easily you drive it. :D
  7. i have a 95 v6 explorer. i just drove for 3 hrs on a highway and got 185miles to 3/4 of a tank of gas

    to me that seems really bad. I got the car a few months ago with 105k that was driven mostly highway supposedly. When i got it i had all of the fluids changed and i just replaced the air cleaner.

    i think seafoam, fuel filter, wires & plugs are in store for it this summer...what to you think gear?
  8. Those old 4.0L OHV powered Explorers seem to be fairly hard on fuel no matter what you do to them. They're not bad in a lighter Ranger, but once you get them into the heavier SUV, that measly 160hp/230tq really makes itself apparent. I've noticed once you get them up over 110-115km/hr (65-70mph) on the highway they start to really drink it back. If you can afford a couple of bolt ons, a set of underdrive pulleys a cat back and a CAI might help things out a little, but I wouldn't imagine much more than 2-3mpg. Otherwise, you’re on the right track with a tune up (plugs, wires, oil/fuel filter), and running a can of seafoam through the tank. Making sure the tires are inflated to the upper end of their operation specs won’t hurt either. I'd also suggest weight reduction, but none of us bought these SUV's because we planned on stripping them down to nothing, so a light throttle is probably going to be your best way of maintaining your fuel economy. ;)
  9. Just as a heads up I have a 2002 with the v6 and get about 14-15 and 18 on the highway.
    Would love to see the 20s like some folks say they see but I have trouble with that.