95 5.0 Into 86 Coupe Questions

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  1. I have a complete 95 5.0 car in my driveway, I mean everything, complete car. I'm fulfilling my long-standing dream of dropping the motor into an 86 notch roller I acquired. I've read a few different things. I've read that I can use the whole harness and computer from my 95 and it's not a pain; I've read that I should use an 89-92 Fox harness and computer on my complete 95 longblock and accessories but splice a few wires, but what would I do about the electric fan? Also, I want the dash wiring to be as straight forward as possible, the 86 coupe has all body and dash wiring in it, just doesn't have engine wiring. I've also read where people mixed and matched some fox stuff with some sn95 stuff. I want to do this right, but as cheap as possible. Poor college kid. 95 has the Cobra J4J1 computer and complete engine/accessory/fuel injector wiring harness.

    What's the easiest way to do this? For those of you who say to swap my entire front accessories over, that's not happening, I know enough people bolted their 94/5 motor right into the fox and use their accessories. I'd rather splice some wires than hunt down brackets and accessories and timing covers. My questions are wiring related, I already have a fox intake and TB. Anybody with any experience regarding this matter, please give your input on this. Thanks!
  2. Use what you got.
    It will be a bit more complex using the SN wiring, but should work fine.

    As for the intake, you can use either the SN or the Fox.
    If you use the Fox intake with the SN harness, you'll have to mod the TPS wiring a little bit.

    What are you doing for a tranny though?
    The SN computer is much more involved in the transmission than a Fox computer, especially automatic ECMs.
    If you have a manual trans SN, then you have issues with mechanical differences, like longer bellhousing and relocated clutch fork....
  3. Or....

    You could use the SN long block, and then sell everything else SN in order to offset the cost of Fox parts, which will be easier to swap into the Fox chassis.
  4. Can't use and 89-92 harness since there are differences between the years and 90 is a one off harness. I'd search for an 86 5.0 computer harness and mass air convert it. Also the sn t5 will sit about an inch further back. Use the long block and sell off the sn95 specific parts

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  5. I'd use the complete '95 harness and computer. The upside of that is the ability to run an electric fan without having to splice in your own custom fan controller.

    The aformentioned transmission issue is something work looking into. Get your hands on a fox bellhousing/clutch fork and shorter input shaft; you'll be good to go.
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