95 Cobra Bad O2 Sensor??

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  1. Just bought a 95 Turbo Cobra, first forced induction car so I'm really new to this stuff. It has an innovative air fuel ratio gauge that reads 21.7 cruising then will drop to 7.4 when I push the clutch in. I know thats wayy too lean but I have dyno sheets from when it was tuned less than a year ago and no major mods since. The builder is a buddy of mine and says to get a new wideband sensor from innovative, just wanted some more knowledge on the situation...car runs great and I know bad o2 sensors typically make cars run like crap?
  2. should I just get the sensor or a tuner also? 75 bucks about right for the sensor?
  3. Your car should still have the two stock O2 sensors on it that are used by the ECU; the wideband, more than likely, is there just as an add on gauge so should not cause any problems with how the car runs. The Innovate wideband uses a Bosch sensor and can be bought for about $60 if you shop around. I think Amazon.com has them for cheap. However, I would try recalibrating the wideband before buying another.
  4. how do you you recalibrate?
  5. You should be able to find instructions on their web site.
  6. Here is the procedure:

    4.1 Free air calibration
    To achieve maximum precision, the LC-1 and its sensor needs to be recalibrated frequently.
    The sensor MUST be operated in free air for calibration.
    Remove the oxygen sensor from the exhaust and expose it to free air (outside of the exhaust
    pipe) for calibration purposes:
    1. Connect the LC-1 to 12V from the vehicle and switch it on.
    2. After the sensor has warmed up, either press the pushbutton or connect the calibration wire
    to ground for three seconds and release.
    3. After the calibration is complete, switch the LC-1 off and wait for 30 seconds before you start
    the car.
    If a LED indicator is connected to the calibration wire, it will be off during free air calibration.