Digital Tuning 95 Cobra Idling Problems

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by ksteak_5.0, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. My 1995 Cobra (116k) started doing a classic idle surge last week (ie push clutch in, RPM's shoot up to ~2k and stay there). As a first step, I cleaned the IAC, MAF, and TB and then did an ECU reset. The surging seems to be gone, but the car is running like crap now. When I first start it, it bogs down very low (<500 rpms) for a few seconds and then bounces up to ~1500rpms. It continues to do this cycle for ~10 minutes. I can't really drive it because it's just crapping out at the low RPM's. If I hit the gas, it just bogs down hardcore. Once it warms up, it runs a little better, but not with full power - it feels sluggish. Even when warm, it idles like its got a wicked cam (lugging sound) but it's all stock.

    I tried resetting the ECU again and driving it around to let the computer figure things out. After a while, things *seem* a little better, but the next morning it is bogging out horribly again.

  2. I looked for a vacuum leak and couldn't see any broken lines... but I wasn't sure exactly where to be looking.
  3. Turns out that I had not tightened the TPS tightly (screw was misthreaded and was leaving a gap... couldn't see it until I took the TB all the way off. Running good now! :O) Apparently you have to put it back together right for it to work correctly! :O)