95 Cobra Intake Manifold

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  1. i have a stock 95 GT, im wondering will it be a noticeable performance increase if i put a 95 cobra intake (upper/lower) on my stock 95 GT. Also how much hp are the cobra intakes good up to? And are the cobra intake manifolds a good all around manifold?
  2. im not sure how much power its good for but i noticed a gain when i put mine on. i dont have any numbers and i doubt it is anything drastic but i would say definetly go for it.
  3. does anybody else have any input with any hp numbers? and will the cobra be a good choice because i eventually intend to get some nice cylinders heads, and a new camshaft. but for now i would just have the cobra manifold, so im wondering how much hp/tq increase i should be looking @
  4. Much better then stock GT intake, and flows a few cfm under most aftermarket intakes with some port work could flow even better. Do a search been talked about more then a few times.
  5. You will LOVE that manifold...I think it's one of the nicest looking and all-purpose manifolds... If you polish and or paint the plate in a nice red/black scheme, it looks hot. I dont know how much HP you'll pick up with only that, but add a TB and MAM to it, and you'll feel a huge difference. I know a guy that had a 700 HP car with that intake...it was extrude honed.

    I say go for it.!!!

  6. Great intake, I still have mine. I doubt your gonna find anyone who put on an intake and went strait to the dyno. But it is definatley a worth while mod. Matched with a good throttle body you won't be disapointed. :nice:
  7. I really like the Cobra/Explorer intakes (GTs cost too much). You aksed in a PM about the difference in porting a lower and the Cobra - here is our very own Rio5.0's dyno tests of both on the same combo (thanks Rio!). The difference is in the rpm where peak power is made.......

  8. Do you recommend porting both the upper and lower Cobra intakes? Your website seems to indicate porting lower is sufficient. Also do you have comaparison between stock cobra and ported cobra?
  9. Pirating!

    hey tmoss, haven't been on here for a while...nice to see you're still sharing your knowledge.

    By the way, the ported GT manifold I picked up while I was in afghanistan (I didn't buy it there, if anyone's thinking that) has actually made quite the difference.

    I'd like you to explain to me at some point though, we talked about the walls between the runners that have been milled out. Apparently that might not be good....could you explain this?
  10. he has a chart somewhere that shows the cfm for the upper and lower seperate...... i think it may be in the faq section here........

    I can speak from experience, his porting WORKS>.......


  11. I would not port a Cobra upper - just the lower for the right applications. If you need more than ~250cfm of flow that a ported lower/stock upper Cobra gives (and you can REALLY use it!) then step up to an aftermarket intake with a larger cross section.

    Yes, I have a dyno with the only difference being the lower porting. It is in my website in the "Community" section then the "photo' section and then "dyno comparisons" - look for "LX Mike's" dyno. Picked up HP and TQ across the board with 16HP/13ft-lbs peak increases.

  12. I'm making 415 to the wheels with my Cobra. The lower is gasket matched.
  13. In my opinion, the dividere between #1 & #5 may be removed and MAY (untested by me) provide some extra flow for those lower flowing runners. Anyone want to do some dyno testing?
  14. The flow testing I have indicates the lowers flow ~140-150cfm and the uppers flow ~190-195cfm with some runners (#1,#5,#7 in the lower, #3, #^ in the upper) being below average.
  15. tom are you talking about removing the actual port wall between the number 1&5 cylinders...... i saw that done on a stock intake someone posted a while back...... You think it would actually work?

  16. it looks to me like the ported stock gt intake would be more beneficial than a stock cobra...or am i looking at it wrong. i would much rather have the 15 ft lbs. of torque than the 5 hp you lose.
  17. yeah, but trust me that ported lower will only take you so far....... before the intake will start starving heads, if you go any bigger.......If you aren't doing a ton of mods, it is great for the street, makes a lot of torque....... :D :D

  18. I agree, but that is a personal call - gotta think about what you have, where you are going, in what time frame and what you want. Heavy cars and autos need the torque more than a 5 speed, but it can all be put to good use.
  19. Yes, there is a chance it will work if done right, but I have not done it or tested it yet. I did crunch some numbers to see which ones would benefit from removing the walls in the top of the lower - looked at valve overlap and the adjacentcies of the runners.
  20. A cobra intake will give you a decent HP/TQ gain but you wont see the full effects of it until you free up other parts of the motor. Most of the time just one single part will not work well on its own, its a conjuncton of parts working together that give you the best results. Such as if you chage the cat back but leave the stock H Pipe, change to an O/R H pipe and the power you saw from the catback will go up b/c overall you helped to free up the system more.