Engine 95 Cobra Mustang C & L Air Filter *advice Needed*

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  1. i have a 95 cobra mustang and i bought a 76mm C & L aftermarket cold air intake*, was wondering why it stalls out sometimes n a loss in power when i put it on what kinda of tuning or adjusting do i need to get done to make it work?, and how much will it run me thx!.

    i said air filter in the title but i ment cold air intake idk what my mind was thinking.
  2. Just my .02
    1. Clean your MAF
    2. Check your connections for the intake sensors (maf & intake air temp)

    The symptoms you described sounds like one of these things aren't communicating correctly with the ecu, replacing the physical intake itself with the CAI doesn't require any tune.....maybe a tuneup???
  3. Question if my car runs fine with the stock one on but when i put the after market one on it does that could it still be a MAF ifs it runs fine with stock one on it?
  4. I take it there is an different MAF that came with the CAI. If that is the case then you should install the OEM MAF as the other one is probably "calibrated" for a different injector size.
  5. ill give that a try because the MAF on the CAI is marked 76mm and is probly diffrent ill try useing the stock one and see what it does if im able to use the stock one., ill let you guys know what happens.
  6. Please post a link to the kit that you've installed on the car.
  7. yeah sounds like to me you have a different maf in there that isn't calibrated for the injectors you have.
  8. Which kit did you order? 118, 118A, or 118B?
  9. That actually looks like a really clean kit. However, sometimes those cold air kits channel the air into the meter at a funny angle, and it messes up the reading at certain air flow rates. The typical solution has been to rotate the MAF 90 degrees and see if the problem goes away. That puts the sample tube at a different angle relative to the flow.

  10. I don't believe for a moment that a CAI will add 25 hp.
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  11. Me neither. I have the C&L 76mm CAI/MAF kit and after I installed it, I did find a noticeable increase in power and throttle response but it wasn't 25hp worth.

    In the case of a C&L CAI with the filter mounted inline on the end of the MAF sensor housing, it won't matter which angle the MAF sensor sits at but I have mine in the 12 o' clock position pointing straight up.
    Mine is the CL118 (94-95 GT (19 lb) or Cobra (24 lb) & inlet pipe) and the OP's should be the same.
  12. not sure where you got those numbers from...that link clearly says as much as 18hp. even that is a stretch. also please answer noobz's question as that is really important for us to give you the answer to this puzzle.
  13. The dyno sheet on that link shows a 24hp/19lbft gain.
    I've already answered the OP's question but he needs to confirm if he does have the CL-118 and not one of the other two. I suspect that the new CAI/MAF might be making the engine run leaner than stock, in which case the OP might need to install an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and raise the fuel pressure.
    As for "clocking" the MAF sensor housing, that could be necessary for those who've installed a fenderwell CAI that has a bend in the pipe between the filter and the MAF sensor housing. The C&L MAF doesn't play nice with a fenderwell CAI.