95 cobra questions

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 93pusstang, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. ok, im thinkin bout buyin a 95 cobra, i kno they are 240hp. what are some simple mods to pep this boy up? long tube headers? h pipe? K&N? ford chip? i jus want it to be around 300 hp. any suggestions?
  2. From what I've heard the 240HP was under-rated from the factory.

    Yeah, long tubes, exhaust, heads and/or cam and a tune would put you a little over 300HP. Parts are very reasonable for the old 5.0.
  3. head and/or cam? i dont wanna do anything that extreme. its gonna be my DD while im putting a 2.3t in my 93 lx. dont want any thing outrageous. i was thinkin LT headers with 2.5" tru duals with 40 series flows would get me around 20-25hp, for chip might get me 15-20, K&N - not much to piss at, and a good tune would get me around 300hp.
  4. Yeah ive got most of the bolt ons with my stock headed and cammed GT and im at right about 300 flywheel hp. With just a full exhaust i bet you could get pretty close and maybe just a couple other little things.
  5. ok i jus got back from lookin at that car, its a 97 cobra, not a 95 cobra. lol im already over my 300hp mark, 305 :)
  6. Goto the 94-95 forum and look at Gmkiller's mods. He's run a 12.9 with nothing but bolt ons.