Electrical 95 Digital Ignition Install - Not Firing

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by redsn95gt, May 13, 2012.

  1. Installing a Summit/Mallory (same exact box) digital ignition box- very simple (so i've thought). Without any splicing yet, I've test tapped into the original ignition harness as follows but car isn't firing yet. I confirmed i am on the right wires by using my DMM to check continuity on PIP wire and coil negative. I'm missing something here obviously, heres my setup:

    1- Ignition Ground -> to nothing?
    2- Coil Negative -> to nothing
    3- Run Power In -> to nothing (tried +12 on here too)
    4- Start Signal In -> to red +12 switched wire on ignition box (labeled +12v switched)
    5- Spout In -> connected to nothing, should it be routed somewhere?
    6- PIP -> connected to white wire on ignition box (plainly labeled points)

    Then orange from box goes to coil +, black from box goes to coil - (plainly labeled on the wires). Finally big red from box to battery +, big black from box to battery (plainly wired and have connectors crimped already)
  2. Fixed this. Had this all wrong. Its actually much easier than I thought. I was not supposed to touch the TFI module.

    Orange goes to positive coil.
    Black goes to negative coil.
    White (points) goes to the old wire that went on negative coil.
    Red (running +12v) goes to the old wire that went on positive coil.
    Only wire i haven't run yet is the tach, not sure if I need it or not. I'm sure this just enforces the rev limiter.