95 gt 5.0 engine making noise when reved

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  1. When i rev the engine it makes a noise once it reaches 2500 rpm. I listened up close to it and it seems like its coming from near the steering pump, probably the pulley because i removed the belt and started the engine reved it up and no noise came out..
    I had a noise kind of like this one on my v6 98 and but eventually engine light came on and it showed camshaft positioning sensor replaced it and noise went away... ive read around that this 5.0 engines dont have this sensor.... the noise is around that coil on the steeting pump.

    What do you guys think it is. i dont want to buy the parts before being more sure in case anyone has had this problem.

    i posted the video on the link below i didnt know how to embed it sorry

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  2. I would be inclined to think it's the PS pump.
  3. have you heard this noise before ? and it was actually the PS pump ? i dont wanna buy it and end up not being it... just had this kind problem on my v6 Toook it to advaced auto parts cause battery was dying when i drove so i checked out the battery and they said it was the battery and ended up being the alternator... SO I PAYED FOR BOTH
    and plus i dont feel any problem with steering.. no noise when i turn the wheel or anything
  4. Get a mechanic stethoscope and check.
    I had a noise which sounded like it came from the ps pump, and also went away with the belt removed.
    Upon further inspection, it turned out to be the idler pulley on the power steering/ac bracket.
    The bearing went bad.
  5. SORry i didnt note ... i alredy did buy the stethoscope and it is coming from there... i just cant tell if its the actual pump or just the pulley.
  6. Well the pulley is pressed fit on the pump shaft.
    There's no bearing on the pulley to fail.
    If its coming from the pump, you'll need to replace it.

    I would also suggest you remove the idler pulley and check the bearing.
    It almost fooled me.

  7. was yours the same way ? the same pulley ?
    how hard is it to remove the pulley. i read that its better to get a tool to easily remove it.
  8. The idler pulley is easy to remove and check,its retained by one torx bolt.

    The power steering pump pulley needs a special tool to remove, you can rent that at AutoZone.
    OEM #27031
  9. this may or may not be it, but look at the balancer. they are known to come apart start hitting the bottom of the waterpump.