95 gt doin the huck a buck when cold

Dan Ford

New Member
Apr 16, 2013
Hey to all. My 95 just got a nused motor stuck in it, after 2 years of being down. My problem is on cold start up it keeps huck a buckin until it warms up then it smooths out and runs good. This morning was a little cooler than it has been the last few days and it never warmed up to the temp that it had been straightening up at and it ran like poo all the way to work. Also even when its running smooth sometimes at a red light or wot not it revs up and down by itself. I had a buddy plug up a code reader thing but he couldn't pull a code off it neither can auto zone. Sounds like some kind of sensor but I've got no way of knowing. Any ideas
? Thanks in advance.
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May 7, 2006
These cars are OBD1, the codes are pulled under the hood.
The port is on the passenger side strut tower, not the port under the dash.

Dan Ford

New Member
Apr 16, 2013
So my buddys code reader has a different plug than the one under my hood. Dropped by advance auto and there's won't read any car older than a 96. Oh happy day. The guys there suggested a coolant temp sensor according to my symptoms. Put it on tonite and guess what no change. I am open to any suggestions.please. this thing is pissing me off.

Dan Ford

New Member
Apr 16, 2013
Ok been doing some searching on here and found some similar symptoms that turn out to be the ccrm. First of all what the hell does that do and could that be my problem?

After doing a little more research I think that may be the problem. Especially because the guy I had do some work to the car had to wire the fan direct to the fuse box cause he couldn't get the fan to work. Now I know that the cooling fan and fuel pump relays are in this ccrm.
If I change that out and it works how will this affect the fan since it is already wired direct?

Oldford nustang

New Member
Apr 19, 2013
If the fan is on all the time your car will never reach operating temp thats why they're designed to come on at a certain temp.the fan will cycle on and off as the engine gets hot and then cools off again.It will probably temp out about 195-215 degrees if it stock.Thats if its stock, with lots of high performance goodies is different.
If the engine "hunts" for a good idle speed and you just had a used motor installed theres a good chance you have a vacumm leak somewhere.
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